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    It takes a definitive grace to make coin magic look good. After swapping cards for coins over two years ago, Branden Wolf's movements both astound, and flow with ease.

    Branden not only makes each subtlety look effortless - his updated style brings coin magic out of the stuffy rooms of magic clubs and onto the streets of New York.

    Wolf is a full hour of routines, moves and subtleties from the repertoire of Branden Wolf. This is magic that looks like you're using gimmicks - but you're completely clean. It's pure coins. The absolute must-have that picks up where Metal leaves off.

    On The DVD


    Balance Palm
    Back Thumb Palm
    Edge Palm
    Finger Palm
    T. Nelson Downs Palm
    JW Grip
    American Drop
    Retention Pass

    Fingertip Click Pass
    Click Tap
    Click Trap
    Whip Click
    Downs Pop
    Coin Roll Vanish
    Grey Vanish
    Gravity Pass

    Grey Change
    Wax Production
    Oblique Change
    Wolf Spider Vanish
    Simple Coins Across
    Gravity Pass Tenkai Penny
    Iso Production
    Two Tone


    From color changes to productions, vanishes to transpositions - Branden has turned a single move into a fundamental building block for a full repertoire of fresh routines. Keep an eye out for his spellbound routine 'Mesmer' - it'll have you transfixed, and it's worth the price of the DVD alone.

    Pick up the Wolf today.

    Format: DVD / Download
    Difficulty: Intermediate
    Duration: 1 Hour

    Customer Reviews

    • by David Borland

      Apr 26, 2014

      This is definitely worth the money and everything is taught clearly in such a way that you will be performing the moves with ease in good time. However, despite how easy a seasoned professional might find them, the moves taught on here are not the best fit for a beginner in coin magic. I would recommend getting your basic foundations in coin magic before moving on to this. All in all, its a great DVD. 8/10

    • by Mcspoony

      Apr 24, 2014

      Definitley a great buy! Everything is taught very well. You will learn alot of coin sleights and techniques. This video is worth your money and time. You will not regret it!

    • by Trenton Gunsolley

      Apr 17, 2014

      Absolutely one of the best coin dvd's Ive ever bought! I wish there was a little more variation between some of the tricks, but over GREAT buy. If you want intermediate strong hitting coin magic... Buy WOLF!!