21st Century Canasta by Mark Elsdon

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Predict Their Card. Touch NOTHING.

With Mark Elsdon's creation you can hand a deck to someone, they shuffle, they cut and you've accurately predicted their card. 100% of the time. You touch nothing.

All the cards are different, the deck can be inspected and it's instantly repeatable.

... Now you can't say that about many mindblowing card tricks can you?

- No apps 
- No special deck 
- You touch nothing... That's how clean ALL magic should look. 

In this download Mark takes you step-by-s... nah just kidding. This trick is ridiculously easy and within seconds of Mark's explanation you'll be able to perform this with YOUR deck.

Hands-off is the NEW 'sleight-of-hand'

Start performing 21st Century Canasta TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Mark Willis

    Jan 2018

    It's ridiculously brilliant. After downloading yesterday I literally took it out and tried it before I left a gig on the same night. I genuinely wish I'd tried it earlier on in the night as the reactions were mental.

    I like Mark Elsdons stuff anyway, but there are SO many possibilities in the way you present this. The Ad copy is real. You don't touch the cards or the phone.

    It's easily worth 5 times the $9 price tag.

  • by Kendric

    Jan 2018

    21st Century Canasta is as it says to be. There are no gimmicks, no stooges, and no app downloads. A spectator opens a box of cards, shuffles in any fashion they choose (yes even if they wash the cards), the cards are set on the table, the cards can be cut once, twice or in several piles, put back together and you open any app with photo capability and you are the center of attention without doing anything during the performance. Very easy to perform with little to no skill needed. That is worth more that $9 dollars to me but Ellusionist is cool like that. The effects you learn here in the download can be added into other routines and can bring your performance rating to the point where people talk highly about you for weeks out. A good effect for those difficult audience members and was put together by Mark Elsdon. That already should be enough to make you want to buy this. 9/10 and very satisfied

  • by Ugo

    Jan 2018

    super easy to do !
    Amazing trick with a great effect !
    You just need a smartphone to do it, and not an old black and white phone like 3310.