21st Century Canasta by Mark Elsdon

Downloadable Video

Predict Their Card. Touch NOTHING.

With Mark Elsdon's creation you can hand a deck to someone, they shuffle, they cut and you've accurately predicted their card. 100% of the time. You touch nothing.

All the cards are different, the deck can be inspected and it's instantly repeatable.

... Now you can't say that about many mindblowing card tricks can you?

- No apps 
- No special deck 
- You touch nothing... That's how clean ALL magic should look. 

In this download Mark takes you step-by-s... nah just kidding. This trick is ridiculously easy and within seconds of Mark's explanation you'll be able to perform this with YOUR deck.

Hands-off is the NEW 'sleight-of-hand'

Start performing 21st Century Canasta TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Mitchell

    Jul 2018

    This is a trick I will definitely be performing for a very long time. The method is bullet proof and really does work every time. The one poor review in my opinion did not execute the trick correctly; if the prep is correct, then the audience do all the work and can never fail. By the way, the prep is the easiest thing ever.

    Definitely a must buy and a favourite of mine from Ellusionist

  • by Silvio

    Jul 2018

    First off, I must say that i'm really upset by the fact that this effect is advertised as being 100% effective. It isn't. The video even includes a chapter called "worst case scenario". If it was 100%, that chapter obviously would not exist. It does work most of the time though. I also suggest using a new deck for more effectiveness. Anyway, is it worth it? Yes, I think it is worth it. It's not expensive, the method is very clever and the setup is simple to do. I'd certainly give it 4 stars, but I'll give it three because of the way it was advertised.

  • by Lil Windex

    May 2018

    The one poor review is baffling to me. It does work. And is extremely easy to do. It’s only 9$, but I was skeptical at first. And I’m the beginning of the explanation, I was also disappointed. BUT.......... as soon as I learned the preparation for this, I started laughing hysterically. ( the awesome moment ) I really can’t say enough about this. Very clever. Very easy. And completely hands off. Back to the poor review. I understand it’s their opinion. And that’s fine. But I’m will to bet another 9$ download, that person isn’t experienced in controlled Magic. Sure, they might not end up doing what you need them to do ( very rare occasion ) but there are other subtleties that are covered just in case you are that bad luck magician. This is badass. And now is one of my favorites.