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  1. Summary

    Great video but I really have not had a chance to do any real work with it so far. Look forward to adding to my skill set!
  2. Coolest trick and very easy

    It took about 15 minutes to learn, and an hour to perfect. I have very small hands yet I can do it just as good/fast as Valdemur! I've used this technique to create my own routine using this and various other tricks off of E.
  3. great products, great service

    i've been an ellusionist customer for years. The site is great, the effects are always edgy and fun, and the people are really nice. It's my favorite online magic destination!
  4. simple

    this trick is so simple i try doing this only once but i always get the do it again responce so i do it again and it works out perfect just make sure to do magical gestures (it makes it more magical and easyer) oh and am 14 so if i can master it you can too must buy this
  5. Great effect

    OK, this is a great sleight of hand technique. I didn't feel the need for any vocalization in the teaching. It was incredibly clear in the instruction to the point of overkill. Like anything else it will require practice. You cant ask for more, a great effect for a great price. I'm very happy.
  6. Very Good!!

    I would of like him to talk though!!
  7. I was hoping for more instruction

    I would have have liked him to talk and explain the steps of the trick rather than him just showing it with a soundtrack. I'm still having a hard time learning this trick due to lack of good vocal instructions and tips.