52 Proof V2

52 Proof V2
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Whiskey is as American as apple pie.
The oak tree on the front of the tuck box and seal - a symbol of the aging process for fine bourbon, matured in charred oak barrels to develop the distinct smoky flavour.

This oak motif continues throughout the cards, from the Ace of Spades right around to the back design.
While bars before prohibition were predominantly male domains, in the 1920's many women flocked to speakeasies in their best flapper attire. We've taken inspiration from images of the era to design the court cards, the art-deco was very in-vogue at the time.
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    I really like these cards they look and handle great, I was out to dinner with some friends was showing my friends a few tricks at our table, next the waiter got in on it and the most of the workers at the restaurant were signing cards I was doing ACR for them they loved the magic and were loving the cards they kept their signed cards. Came to the website to order two more decks but they are out!!
  2. Summary

    Backs are reminiscent of 19th century whiskey labels. Courts are an interesting take on 19th century society. Pips are "backdated" to be more interesting than standard Bicycles. So why 1 star off? I feel the name is a bit off. I realize that the "52" refers to the number of cards in the deck - but really - 52 Proof would be some really watery whiskey. I Don't know of any American Whiskeys that are less than 80, I've seen French Cognacs that were bottled for sale in France that listed them selves as "52 Proof" ("American proof" = percent alcohol by volume x 2 so 52 proof = 26% Al, while "French proof" is exactly = to alcohol by volume so their 52 proof = 52% Al.) Just my 2 cents.
  3. Summary

    Really cool deck. Fans and spreads are really smooth on this one. The added touch on the court cards is great. Another great Ellusionist piece to your card collection.