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We met Dani in a 'knock-off' Starbucks in a dusty corner of a Vegas Casino 4 months ago. Our cups said Java Vegas on the side, but we didn't notice.


Our eyes were fixated on Dani, his hands, his movement, his words.


Dani is like a wind-up toy for magic. Once he's fully primed to go, nothing can stop him. You just have to sit back, turn off the part of your brain that tries not to get fooled... and go with it.


We've worked with Dani on a project before, but by the time we'd finished our 'Java Vegas' coffee we were all best friends. He invited us to stay with him at his villa in Malaga, Spain and got 3 of his most creative friends to join the party.


For the next few days we hit RECORD and never pressed 'stop'.

7 Secrets is every unpublished miracle that was captured.



SECRET #1 Psychological Color Change - This routine is worth twice the price of this project alone. It's a color changing deck routine like no other. It will fool you every time you watch it because it doesn't rely on sleight of hand, it relies on a unique psychological technique that fools the mind, not the eyes.


SECRET #2 Card in Bread - This is Dani's card in object effect. With no need for complicated surgery on lemons, Dani makes lemonade with half second prep. No mercury folding, a signed card appears inside a bread roll or similar sized object.


SECRET #3 Different - All cards are black, except for one red card. The spectator is invited to find the only card that's different when dealt in a circle. They make their choice and now all the cards turn red, except for one black card. This is like 3 card monte with 7 cards. More cards, more impact. Easy to do, with no difficult sleight of hand.


SECRET #4 Card in Card - In the beginning of the trailer Dani talks about his favorite effect. An effect he's been saving for a upcoming book with Juan Tamariz, the Maestro himself. It's an ode to Hofzinser, but this effect is so visual, you've just got to see it. People assume that a lot of Dani's material relies on misdirection, but when you apply his genius to anything, the result will always be genius. A MUST SEE. 


SECRET #5 Thought of ACAAN - A prediction is made and the spectator freely thinks of a number. They deal down to that number, any number and choose a card. The deck is shown to be normal but their number and card perfectly match your prediction. ULTRA-POWERFUL and almost self working.


SECRET #6 DaOrtiz Vanishing Card Technique - This is the cleverest vanish of a card we've seen in 2 decades of teaching magic. It's perfect. To accompany this technique Dani teaches his new card in box routine where a selected card appears inside the box that was sitting on the table the entire time. A must-learn for ALL magicians.


SECRET #7 Coin in Sugar - For the first time ever, DaOrtiz throws out the deck and swaps it for a coin. This, to his and our knowledge is the first coin effect he's ever published. Imagine how powerful Dani's established thinking is with a brand new tool - a borrowed coin.


BONUS EFFECTS: Dani will also teach 2 of his favorite tricks to perform in restaurants or when out for coffee with friends. We're not going to tell you what these are, they're exclusive for buyers only.



These 7 secrets are the go-to routines he uses to destroy the magicians who already own his material.


As a creator he keeps pushing forward by burning the bridge behind him. Now his secrets are your secrets too.


Taught in expert detail and accompanied by Dani's full performances - so you not only know how it's done, you'll know how it's performed too.


As Dani teaches in this project, it's not the method, it's what's hidden within the method where the real value is.


Download '7 Secrets' and start learning INSTANTLY.


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  1. Aaron

    Why are you reading this when you could be buying this project and hanging on the master's every word like gospel?
  2. Reza

    This project is pure awesomeness. One of the best purchases involving playing cards that I have ever bought. His color changing deck and "different" routine are worth the price... easily.
  3. salomon

    I highly recommend everyone to buy this project!
    It is full of amazing new material, philosophy and psychology from the brilliant mind of Dani DaOrtiz.
    I promise you - You won’t regret purchasing it.
  4. salomon

    I highly recommend to all of you to buy this project!!!! I promise you you won’t regret it!
    It is full of absolutely amazing new material and of course incredible philosophy and psychology by the brilliant mind of Dani DaOrtiz!