A Study on Lennart Green

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"Takumi has surpassed me" - Lennart Green

The student has become the master.

'A Study On Lennart Green' is an in-depth, encyclopedic look at decades of work on Lennart's unique creations. It could easily sell for $200+.

Takumi also embellishes on each sleight to give his own expert touches. Allowing you to speed through any hurdles in learning new magic, comfortably. 

With 14 separate tutorials, you'll learn

• The Snap Deal 
• Cards to coins 
• Snap Bottom Deal 
• Snap Color Change 
• The Top Shot 
+ 8 other routines, sleights and shuffles.

Every once in a while, a magician explodes onto the scene with unrivaled talent, like a rare species of spider that has remained undiscovered... until now.

In October 2016, Shin Lim shared an instagram video of Takumi Takahashi. It quickly blew up with tens of thousands of views in our community.

As a student of the legendary Lennart Green, Takumi was showcasing Lennart's Snap ('Laser') deal with perfection and ease.

Packed with 14 pieces of content, vital for all magicians to learn.

Once hidden behind the brim of a hat, Lennart & Takumi's knowledge on lapping, dealing, color changes, the side steal and the pace of a routine is finally available to us.

Unmissable is a word that can't fully describe it.

Access secrets that have never been shared before. Download this incredible work today.  

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Customer Reviews

  • by Joe

    Nov 2017

    I love this so much. The teaching is fantastic and I was able to understands everything that he said. It it not nearly as impossible as it looks. Thank you!

  • by Sam

    Oct 2017

    This is an awesome download and the information you learn here is priceless. The moves are difficult but much easier with Takumi's great teaching.

  • by Runit

    Jun 2017

    I would give it 4 stars as Takumi, although he is brilliant, English is not his first language and is a bit hard to understand. Also the moves are difficult but he does so effortlessly paying less consideration for the newbie learning from it. But 5 stars for Lennart Green, a true genius of card magic.