A Study on Lennart Green

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"Takumi has surpassed me" - Lennart Green

The student has become the master.

'A Study On Lennart Green' is an in-depth, encyclopedic look at decades of work on Lennart's unique creations. It could easily sell for $200+.

Takumi also embellishes on each sleight to give his own expert touches. Allowing you to speed through any hurdles in learning new magic, comfortably. 

With 14 separate tutorials, you'll learn

• The Snap Deal 
• Cards to coins 
• Snap Bottom Deal 
• Snap Color Change 
• The Top Shot 
+ 8 other routines, sleights and shuffles.

Every once in a while, a magician explodes onto the scene with unrivaled talent, like a rare species of spider that has remained undiscovered... until now.

In October 2016, Shin Lim shared an instagram video of Takumi Takahashi. It quickly blew up with tens of thousands of views in our community.

As a student of the legendary Lennart Green, Takumi was showcasing Lennart's Snap ('Laser') deal with perfection and ease.

Packed with 14 pieces of content, vital for all magicians to learn.

Once hidden behind the brim of a hat, Lennart & Takumi's knowledge on lapping, dealing, color changes, the side steal and the pace of a routine is finally available to us.

Unmissable is a word that can't fully describe it.

Access secrets that have never been shared before. Download this incredible work today.  

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  1. Summary

    Although the sleights and tricks in this dvd are really great, it is very sad that the tutorial doesn't show the finger positions and grip. This makes us very hard to understand how to do the snap deal change. and Takumi Takahashi didn't even mentioned any of the finger movements. Showing us over and over again with the move without explaining anything, it is really hard for us to learn. If you don't know how to do snap deal beforehand, this tutorial will disappoint you.
  2. Summary

    This was a waste of money. Takumi is a great performer but a very bad teacher. In this dvd there is a huge problem, the fact that no attention is brought to fingers position; I had to slow down the video at 0.25X just to learn the basic snap deal, it was not possible for me to understand how to snap while leaving another card on the table (already palmed), such as in the color change, what is the motion of the fingers?? No attention on how to slide the bottom card for the snap bottom deal. He never shows the grips, this is inadmissible, not even the lateral palm is shown. The side steal is not taught, it's totally unclear how the final grip on the card is, and worse, it's not explained at all, the contact point with the pinky
  3. Keith

    First off, these techniques are not easy and require a LOT of practice to build muscle memory. I try to spend at least 5 minutes/day each on top shot and snap deal and have made only moderate improvements, as there are quite a few subtleties to master (particularly with snap deal). That being said, Takumi's instruction is excellent, as he goes into these various subtleties (although I could stand to see more indepth on his culling technique...it's tricky to palm those cards). I find him easy to understand, even with is accent, and the camera does a good job of showing the spectator *and* the student angles.
  4. Summary

    I perform many table hours and card routines and these lessons are some of the most killer techniques I use during my performances. GREAT detailed instructions, GREAT videos, PERFECT multi angel instruction and so on. Remember, this is nothing anyone is going to watch one day and perform the next. Get ready to practice but still a great buy. The detail in the instruction are worth the money alone.
  5. Summary

    Let me write a "short" review about this product and please read every single word because you won't regret it. This is advanced card manipulation. Recommend it to professionals and for those who want to take their skills to a whole new level. Beginners! You can give it a try and enjoy the beautiful techniques never seen before! Don't get upset if you're new in magic and if you find some of this techniques hard to do at least you'll learn something new. This is what you get: the snap deal, the snap deal - hand size, snap deal transfer, laser deal performance, cards to coins, snap bottom deal, snap deal portal, snap deal change, snap deal king swap, snap deal ace to kings, top shot, green shot, windmill routine, side steal, drop steal, snap deal control, the reappearing card, false shuffle, false Kalushe's cut, explosion cut and, false six pile table cut. So... You're paying $40 for all this?!!!! What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it! Overall: 11 out of 10. A masterpiece! I have to say most of the techniques that you will learn are focus in two main core moves which means you'll be doing the same move over and over again to perform most of the tricks named above.
  6. Summary

    This download was definitely one of the best. As the ad copy said, "It could easily sell for $200+" and I agree. The majorities moves taught are mostly just extensions/developments of 2 core moves, which I have utilized for more than these routines. Many small routines taught or parts of them could easily be added into your own routine and repertoire. Takumi is one of my favorite teachers because I also have tiny hands, so I learn alot faster with Takumi. His accent isnt too hard to understand, so the fact that English is his 2nd language definitely should not hold you back from buying this.
  7. Summary

    Some moves are very hard to do,but once you perfect them
    you look amazing.
  8. Summary

    A true work of art, Takumi has mastered these techniques and teaches them in a clear and precise way. I have been practising the snap deal for the past couple of hours, and it really is great fun to learn and perform. He could have sold this for 3 times the price, and it would still easily be worth it.
  9. Summary

    I love this so much. The teaching is fantastic and I was able to understands everything that he said. It it not nearly as impossible as it looks. Thank you!
  10. Summary

    This is an awesome download and the information you learn here is priceless. The moves are difficult but much easier with Takumi's great teaching.