Abyss by Lloyd Barnes


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Price as configured: $34.95

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Abyss is like Twilight Angels on steroids.

A hyper-visual rendition that uses almost no sleights.

With Abyss, everything happens in the spectators hands. An Angel is captured in the reflection of a lighter, only to emerge triumphantly from the flames.

Like a Phoenix, it slowly burns back onto their signed card... and it's completely examinable.

- Easy to do
- Card is signed.
- They keep the card.

Dragged into the modern day by Lloyd Barnes, he's left his signature style all over it.

Nothing but slow, stunning visuals.

Each Abyss comes with a custom engraved zippo-style lighter and special materials for hundreds of performances.

Rise from the flames.

Order Abyss TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Andrew Ace

    Nov 2017

    What you get:
    - Lighter + Gimmick
    - Instructional Video 45min approx

    My Take:
    ABYSS! I was 99% sure that i figured out the method prior to ordering throughout my research.... well I was dead WRONG. You get the Lighter with the angel on it, and also something special, easy to keep it in your pocket, attached to your shirt. I was concerned about Heat on the lighter and the "vanishing" part of the card prior to purchasing, well again I was wrong - there is NO HEAT on the lighter Or card you are using.

    I watched the tutorial (approx 45mins). Shot well, 10/10 A/V Production. Great Angles, close up shots and all. Only thing I would have loved to see is more live performances. However getting to the controversy that will likely spin around the web on heat and price. 1) Price wise - you are paying for the 45 min video, lighter and special something. A lighter alone costs 25-35$. YES, I would have loved to see this at $25 from Team E, and personally I do think it should have been a bit lower in price as i barely made it to purchase this and VILLAIN, however with all the training and ideas + the prop/ material you are getting, with information on how to find some stuff you will need to get so you can use it, nothing abnormal you'll know right away what it is prob before you open that video. 2) Second most controversial thing i've seen is "worry of Heat".... well i did too until I knew that Lloyd wouldn't release something and not cover bases. This is so CLEAN and it also has to do with your AUDIENCE MANAGEMENT SKILLS. In the video you will see, Lloyd must have said no heat, no heat and that spectators are ALWAYS looking at their signed card. If not, you have to work on your presentation! There is a two step process I cannot reveal that makes the heat completely CLEAN - worry free. The Trailer may not seem like you end clean on things but trust me, when you watch the Tutorial you'll understand what to do as Lloyd covers all bases. At any moments notice you can perform this and not be "setup" but you would have to have the lighter and special something :)

    Can't wait to get this in the mail! This will sell out, the way ABYSS Looks on the trailer and in the pictures i feel undersells it truly. Because the paddle move in the trailer is not really that big of a paddle move, compared to things like Turbo Stick where you have to do the paddle move a lot, this its only a once or twice thing to show you made it vanish... Again, people will NOT CARE about your lighter, it is a stainless steel mirrored kinda look with an angel on the side. I feel they could have shot the trailer better, as I caught on and I am high functioning autistic so usually I don't really get what I am working with until I receive the product but I had a pretty good idea N i am so glad that it I was fooled as the way I was thinking before was a lot of setup and this is so quick & fast you will be blown away unless you are familiar with this. Even though I feel they could have shot the trailer better, they did it RAW and i respect that as a customer, it just takes a gamble at do i get this or not? I did, and couldn't be more glad, happy i could share my experience with everyone.

    You will need to pick up maybe one or two things, nothing you can’t get at your local convenience store/ supermarket & on Amazon - as Lloyd goes over thoroughly in the video.Buy ABYSS TODAY! it seriously is NOT overkill once you learn it and figure out how you'll be using it. I honestly was never really a fan of Twilight Angels.

    ABYSS is that “KICKER” that I have always wanted in visual magic and if you are into visual magic and like what you see in the trailer, don't hesitate.. you know E goes out on products FAST once word goes round! If you REALLY wanted to… you could potentially (depending how creative you are) Use the Twilight Angel Paul Harris CARDS and combine it with ABYSS… However I don’t see myself doing that as it seem so strong already, but there are many endless ideas you can create. The sky is the limit with creative releases such as ABYSS. I hope my review was helpful, lot of ideas racing through my creative mind combining this through other effects and utilities. This really can be used in so many different ways and Lloyd spends some time going over other ways to present it. Enjoy ELLUSIONIST Customers...This is Twilight Angles on STEROIDS!!!!!

    - Andrew Ace

  • by Bryan

    Nov 2017

    Absolutely love this product, performed it countless times at work and it is a favorite among our guests. Definitely keeping in my arsenal.

  • by Carl

    Nov 2017

    I love anything that uses fire. Wow, this is definitely a well thought out effect. I love the simplicity of it. Looks really visual. Although I haven't received my order yet, I definitely can't wait to try this out. The fact the card can be handled by the spectator and given away at the end is amazing. It's a quick trick but it's an amazing one. It takes up barely any pocket space. Can be done anytime anywhere and the set up is super simple. Some may complain about the price, but it's worth it. The lighter alone is worth the price in my opinion. Think about it, if you were to buy a nice Zippo style lighter, you'd be paying about as much anyways. But you get a lighter and an effect in one. If you like what you see, just buy it.