Abyss by Lloyd Barnes


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Abyss is like Twilight Angels on steroids.

A hyper-visual rendition that uses almost no sleights.

With Abyss, everything happens in the spectators hands. An Angel is captured in the reflection of a lighter, only to emerge triumphantly from the flames.

Like a Phoenix, it slowly burns back onto their signed card... and it's completely examinable.

- Easy to do
- Card is signed.
- They keep the card.

Dragged into the modern day by Lloyd Barnes, he's left his signature style all over it.

Nothing but slow, stunning visuals.

Each Abyss comes with a custom engraved zippo-style lighter and special materials for hundreds of performances.

Rise from the flames.

Order Abyss TODAY.

Customer Reviews

  • by Hunter

    Jan 2018

    This is incredible, absolutely amazing. It annoys me that I didn't think of this but it really pays off. I've got ton many gig offers and free food showing this trick. You are left clean at the end, hardly any sleight of hand, and easy to set up. I even went to the store and was able to do this with black and blue bicycle cards. It literally only takes seconds to set up and it is hyper visual. I would defiantly buy.

  • by Mike

    Jan 2018

    Great trick. Super visual and easy to do. I still laugh to myself every time I see a spectators face after it happens. A look of true amazement. Seeing is believing for Abyss.

  • by Daniel

    Jan 2018

    I purchased several tricks from this site at one time, and this one is, by far, my favorite. With this purchase, I felt like I received the highest value for my money, both in what arrives in the package, and the performance value of the trick. I have performed the Abyss a number of times, and it leaves every viewer astounded and impressed. It certainly leaves an impression. I also like the "value" of this trick -- you can perform it 1 time or 100 times without much additional cost.