Abyss by Lloyd Barnes

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Abyss is like Twilight Angels on steroids.

A hyper-visual rendition that uses almost no sleights.

With Abyss, everything happens in the spectators hands. An Angel is captured in the reflection of a lighter, only to emerge triumphantly from the flames.

Like a Phoenix, it slowly burns back onto their signed card... and it's completely examinable.

- Easy to do
- Card is signed.
- They keep the card.

Dragged into the modern day by Lloyd Barnes, he's left his signature style all over it.

Nothing but slow, stunning visuals.

Each Abyss comes with a custom engraved zippo-style lighter and special materials for hundreds of performances.

Rise from the flames.

Order Abyss TODAY.

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  1. John Benedict

    if there's a weapon to carry every day this is the best to carry to show off some magic...A deck is always in my daily magic case...so this zippo light even fits well in my pocket!..its a perfect card souvenir to your spectator and I use it in my corporate event presentations....so visual that I close the deals! LLOYD BARNES! thank you! Highly recommend this.
  2. Summary

    Great item. Upped my twilight angels game 10 fold. Also for those having difficulty don't think of making the angel vanished. Think of capturing its essence.
  3. Danny

    It's a great effect so easy to perform in different ways. People have been blown away so far by it. I was even told i was performing Voodoo after showing it. Once you learn the method you can easily repeat it over and over again.
  4. Dylan

    Great effect but have problems with the gimmick doesn't ever fully red out the angel and the lighter always leaves a lighter fluid l wherever I leave it.
  5. Dylan

    Great effect but have problems with the gimmick doesn't ever fully red out the angel and the lighter always leaves a lighter fluid l wherever I leave it.
  6. Corey

    Overall nice effect Paul Harris' Twilight Angles has always been a favorite of my mine, and I really like this take on it. I was very familiar with the overall working of the effect prior to buying as I have been playing around with some some similar stuff for years. Lloyd is a great teacher. My biggest disappointment is honestly the lighter. I wish it was a real Zippo. I understand that would add to cost, but it would be worth it. Either than or include a file to have a Zippo customized or include maybe stickers to place on your own Zippo.
  7. Summary

    This is all around an amazing product, an amazing job and huge thanks to Lloyd Barns for conceiving this amazing trick. the reason for the four stars is because the trick itself is amazing and the reactions it produces are priceless but when I received the gimmick the lighter was rusted and there was some scratches around the angel, it might have been something in shipping but I don't know, if anyone else experienced this problem you can get rid of the rust by putting the lighter casing in coke a' cola which normally removes some rust, I hope this helps!! again huge thanks to Lloyd Barnes for this amazing product
  8. Summary

    The trick itself is absolutely ingenious and has a fantastic effect if you take the time to learn the routine. My issue with this is the actual gimmick. It is pretty poor quality in my personal opinion. My gimmick was missing a couple of parts like the wool at the bottom to fill it up with lighter fluid, it was also rusted and had looked like it had been used hundreds of times already when I only just got it. The reason for the 3 stars is that the trick is amazing and it is a massive wow factor to the audience!
  9. Summary

    I love this effect really visual a step outside of the average card trick box.
  10. Summary

    In my opinion I love this trick and it’s very visual, but I do find it’s a bit expensive for what you get.

    All in all it’s a very cool trick and very fun to perform and see people’s reactions!