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King Slayer Hip Flask image
King Slayer Hip Flask
Take your shot... Slay the King.
Revive Dust image
Revive Dust
Make Revive Gimmicks Faster Than Ever Before
Flash Ninja image
Flash Ninja
Regular Price $29.95 Special Price $4.95
Fiddle Stick image
Fiddle Stick

Starting at $20

Not your regular Fidget Toy.
Gator Close-up Pad - Silver image
Gator Close-up Pad - Silver
Handmade Close-up Gator Pads
Electric Touch Plus Accessories image
Electric Touch Plus Accessories
Add-on Pack for Electric Touch
Mesika Wax image
Mesika Wax
Clear magician's wax for threadwork.
Electric Touch Plus image
Electric Touch Plus
Here’s your chance to bend the laws of nature
Black Club Stainless Steel Card Clip image
Black Club Stainless Steel Card Clip
Cased in Steel
Ellusionist Designed Skateboard Decks image
Ellusionist Designed Skateboard Decks

Starting at $200

Amazing art for your home
Halo Batteries - 5 Pack image
Halo Batteries - 5 Pack
Regular Price $11.95 Special Price $2.50
Backup Batteries for your Halo wristband
Gold Arcane Uncut Sheet image
Gold Arcane Uncut Sheet
Rare artwork for your wall
HALO Fiber Optik Wristband image
HALO Fiber Optik Wristband
Regular Price $16.97 Special Price $3.50
Masculine, State-Of-The-Art Accessory
Gift Certificate  image
Gift Certificate
Get them what they really want
Pure Smoke Refills image
Pure Smoke Refills

Starting at $2

Exclusive refills for your Pure Smoke system
Invisible Elastic Band Loop image
Invisible Elastic Band Loop
Create incredible levitations and animations.
Gecko Extreme image
Gecko Extreme
Borrowed items vanish AND change instantly.
Ellusionist Black Wristband image
Ellusionist Black Wristband
Regular Price $6.95 Special Price $1
Your wrist never looked this good before
M5 Pro Accessory Kit image
M5 Pro Accessory Kit
Give your M5 an extra boost
Flash Paper and Flash Pads image
Flash Paper and Flash Pads

Starting at $8.99

The Magician's staple for instant fire
Sharpie - Bundle of 3 image
Sharpie - Bundle of 3

Starting at $5.50

No magician should leave the house without a sharpie.
M5 SYSTEM Pro PK Psycho Kinetics Micro 5 Kit image
M5 SYSTEM Pro PK Psycho Kinetics Micro 5 Kit

Starting at $135.44

Move things at will. Vanish objects.
Trick Sharpie (Black)  image
Trick Sharpie (Black)
A normal Sharpie in every way but one

Starting at $2

Hijack anyone's cell phone
Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum image
Gecko by Jim Rosenbaum
Regular Price $65 Special Price $49.95
Vanish virtually any item handed to you with ease

30 Items

per page
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