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King Slayer Hip Flask image
King Slayer Hip Flask
Take your shot... Slay the King.
Revive Dust image
Revive Dust
Make Revive Gimmicks Faster Than Ever Before
Double Backers  image
Double Backers
Regular Price $9.95 Special Price $4.95
The most simple, yet powerful card gimmick.
Flash Ninja image
Flash Ninja
Regular Price $29.95 Special Price $2.95
Pyro Plunger image
Pyro Plunger
Angle-Z Refills (For Use with The Gaff System) image
Angle-Z Refills (For Use with The Gaff System)
Regular Price $12 Special Price $1.75
Contains 52 Refill Cards for Angle Z
Electric Touch Plus Accessories image
Electric Touch Plus Accessories
Add-on Pack for Electric Touch
Halo Batteries - 5 Pack image
Halo Batteries - 5 Pack
Regular Price $11.95 Special Price $2.50
Backup Batteries for your Halo wristband
Pure Smoke Refills image
Pure Smoke Refills

Starting at $2

Exclusive refills for your Pure Smoke system
Invisible Elastic Thread image
Invisible Elastic Thread
A Massive 400ft spool of Invisible Elastic Thread
Flash Paper and Flash Pads image
Flash Paper and Flash Pads

Starting at $8.99

The Magician's staple for instant fire
Trick Sharpie (Black)  image
Trick Sharpie (Black)
A normal Sharpie in every way but one
Coinbite Rubberband Replacements image
Coinbite Rubberband Replacements
Make sure you have rubber replacements for your...
Box Monster Refills image
Box Monster Refills
Feed the Beast.

17 Items

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