Acme Hole by Lloyd Barnes

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ACME is the most highly developed healing hole gimmick ever devised.

A flap-less foray into the impossible that will deceive and perplex.

Visual Magic is Lloyd's forte at Ellusionist... 'Acme Hole' does not disappoint.

Pull any small objects through a completely genuine hole:

- Fingers
- Silks
- Cigarettes

Then with NO FUNNY MOVES, the hole is peeled away like a Roadrunner cartoon.

In this download you'll learn the face-palmingly simple secret of the healing hole. A gimmick you can make at home quicker than you can boil a kettle.

A trick fit to fool an audience of thousands, or a Wile E. Coyote.

Get Acme Hole TODAY.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Mckay

    Dec 2018

    ACME Hole is a fantastic effect. The gimmick was a bit knacky to make, but not impossible. The other materials needed aren't hard to come by, so a quick run on Amazon should solve that problem. No one has even come close to guessing how this is done, including my magician friends. The method is deviously simple, and completely blows everyone out of the water. It even got me into my University's version of Got Talent. This routine is an excellent addition into anyone's set.

  • by Griffin K.

    Nov 2018

    Genius. Simply genius.

  • by Anthony

    Nov 2017

    I love this effect! It completely baffled me. This is a must have effect