Aftershock by Justin Miller

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Justin Miller re-emerges with power on Ellusionist.

We deliberately included a full length performance so you can see the possibilities of easy banter with the routine. Justin is the master of this kind of lead in.

The moves are extremely simple in Aftershock but the impact plays BIG. A torn, signed playing card restores itself in a FLASH. It happens so quickly that often you will get stunned silence until the trick sinks in.

Add Aftershock to your repertoire. It will pay for itself with a million reactions.

Easy set up
  • Can be performed surrounded
  • Battle tested in thousands of live performances
  • The move is meant to be performed with ALL EYES ON YOUR HANDS
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    1. Summary

      It is an amazing trick but it can be a bit noisy before you rip the card. I suggest using Rubber Cement instead of what he suggests.
    2. Summary

      This will require a little misdirection at the 'business moment' of the effect, but the sheer impact makes it worth perfecting that moment.
      Plays less well in front of a camera than some effects, but in real use it will floor a small audience. If you enjoy this kind of effect check out Descent and Vibration, they're both awesome.
    3. Summary

      After a few years of leaving the art alone I decided to get back in because of Justin Miller's work. I have purchased several of his instructional videos now and have to say his work with this effect is outstanding. There are a few subtleties that would allow this to be done with next to no setup, so keep that in mind after you purchase this. I look forward to more.