Air Ambitious by Tom Elderfield

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Visual ambitious appearances on the deck usually have one of two problems.

  1.  The card is gimmicked and cannot be inspected or signed.
  2.  The deck is heavily gaffed and cannot be inspected or used for any other tricks.

Tom Elderfield's Air Ambitious solves both.

  1.  The card is fully signed, examinable and ungimmicked.
  2.  The gimmick hides in amongst a normal deck until you're ready to perform.

Using a rarely used principle in magic, the Air Ambitious gimmick literally does all the work for you, within mid air.




For those that have made card gimmicks at home before, this is easier than a flap card... and for those that haven't, Tom's expert tuition goes through the steps necessary to get a perfect gaff, every time. 


As a magician you probably already have everything you need to seamlessly make the gimmick at home.


Here are the key points:

  • The gimmick can easily be added to your deck. 
  • It does all the work for you. 
  • It can be performed 360 degrees 
  • It's sleight-of-hand free
  • It's incredibly visual 
  • The signed card is 100% examinable. 
  • It's incredibly easy... makes you look like Harry Potter.

I mean, what more can you ask for?


Once the gimmick has been added to your deck, it hides in plain sight and is ready to go as soon as you are.


Air Ambitious is the perfect ending to any ambitious card routine.



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  1. Patrick

    I just purchased and watched the "making the gimmick" vid and I am only rating at this point on the "stuff needed" question... I have only made a couple of gimmicks before and seriously, I have EVERY one of the things needed in my toolbox. Basic stuff IF you make gaffs. If you have never made a gaff, then yes, you will have to go shopping for $20 worth of stuff. But then you will have what you need to make lots of fun things.
  2. Summary

    pretty good, will make a sound and you willed something you most probably don't have other than that very good
  3. spyros

    very clever gimmic! The reason i put 2 stars is simply for the false advertising from the trailer, they make it seem that the gimmic fits in the deck and it doesnt affect it while handling.. that is not true! You cant have the gimmic in the deck while not performing this specific trick! and its also not that "simple" to make! I bought it expecting to use it every day and leaving it in the deck like other gimmics..but that is not the case.. It is not well advertised! Also you will need other stuff to make it,apart from an exacto knife that was expected of course (like they saw in trailer)..but not everyone has access to those stuff that easy...that is why for me ..although i loved the trick and i was realy exited that i bought it, i was desapointed at the end, as i explained earlier why..
  4. Joshua

    So Good! Great price for what you get! Easy to make IMO and completely practical!
    Love it!
  5. Summary

    It's an ok download, Tom is hilarious and does a good job at teaching, but the effect isn't too reliable in my experience. I would give it 4 starts, but I removed one because there is an ad in the middle of the video. After paying for an instructional video, finding a Magic Stream ad interrupt the teaching is not great.
  6. Ulysess

    It's a great trick, fantastic gimmick! A little hard to get down but will keep practicing it to see if I can get the knack down. It's still an awesome trick. Gimmick is easy to make so not gonna give up on it. It's such a genius method.
  7. Summary

    When I saw this, I had to add it to my arsenal of ambitious card endings! It’s what magic should look like ... amazing!
  8. Summary

    Jeez this is good! I’m always a big fan of Toms stuff, but this is another level. Easy, fun to make and so satisfying to do!
  9. Summary

    One of the most visual and stunning effects I’ve seen in a long time. I always look forward to Tom Elderfield’s releases!!! This is AS GOOD as it looks!!! Awesome stuff
  10. Summary

    One of the most visual effects released in a long time, instantly a favourite. Instructions for building were clear and easy too 10/10