Air Ambitious by Tom Elderfield

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Visual ambitious appearances on the deck usually have one of two problems.

  1.  The card is gimmicked and cannot be inspected or signed.
  2.  The deck is heavily gaffed and cannot be inspected or used for any other tricks.

Tom Elderfield's Air Ambitious solves both.

  1.  The card is fully signed, examinable and ungimmicked.
  2.  The gimmick hides in amongst a normal deck until you're ready to perform.

Using a rarely used principle in magic, the Air Ambitious gimmick literally does all the work for you, within mid air.




For those that have made card gimmicks at home before, this is easier than a flap card... and for those that haven't, Tom's expert tuition goes through the steps necessary to get a perfect gaff, every time. 


As a magician you probably already have everything you need to seamlessly make the gimmick at home.


Here are the key points:

  • The gimmick can easily be added to your deck. 
  • It does all the work for you. 
  • It can be performed 360 degrees 
  • It's sleight-of-hand free
  • It's incredibly visual 
  • The signed card is 100% examinable. 
  • It's incredibly easy... makes you look like Harry Potter.

I mean, what more can you ask for?


Once the gimmick has been added to your deck, it hides in plain sight and is ready to go as soon as you are.


Air Ambitious is the perfect ending to any ambitious card routine.



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  1. Summary

    It’s only April and I think this could be shoe in for trick of the year. Omg it’s AMAZING!
  2. Summary

    It’s only April and I think this could be shoe in for trick of the year. Omg it’s AMAZING!
  3. Summary

    Tom has done it again! Beautiful gimmick which is easy to make and so satisfying to use. Incredible work.
  4. Summary

    Another incredible creation!! The gimmick is easy to make and your be able to use it right away. Definitely worth every penny.
  5. Summary

    Tom never ceases to blow me away. This is so devilishly clever that you’ll giggle with excitement!
  6. hari

    No words just f**king amazing
  7. Summary

    This is great, the method will catch you off guard. It is this kind of Elderfield thinking that solidified
    Tom as an artist. Also, 10/5 for the trailer.
  8. Summary

    This is so good it makes me look like Ron’s broken wand.
  9. Summary

    I always love Anything Tom does but this is another level! Easy to make a so so good! Can’t wait to use it!