All Black Pack

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All Black Pack

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The Ellusionist line of black playing cards have been a staple since we introduced Black Tigers 12 years ago. They continue to be a favorite. This will make it easy for you to own the full range of black playing cards that we sell, at a reduced price.

The Black "Pack"

Our team has packaged all of our black decks together in this no nonsense collection. For the price of 4 decks you're going to get a 5th sent to your door at no cost.

Decks featured in the Black Pack:

Tally-Ho Viper Fan Back - These black, reverse-image playing cards feature a buffed, metallic SILVER finish. The Viper injects elegance and forceful authority into a deck that was already spectacular.
Bicycle Black Tiger - The visual impact of these cards is startling. Voodoo, witchcraft, burned and blackened cards... mere concepts come alive with reverse image cards.
Bicycle Black Ghost - This is the deck we had more requests for than any product in Ellusionist history. Look for beautiful fanning, luxury stock and a Jack of Spades reveal that can be used with a Shapeshifter or Erdnase change that's sure to set you apart from other magicians.
Black Arcane - The artwork found in the Black Arcane deck was born from a dream our designer had. Michaelangelo took four years to create the Sistine Chapel masterpiece... these took five. Just sayin.
Bicycle Shadow Masters - The Shadow Masters theme promotes darkness and shadow with a nod to the cult classic film Sin City.
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  1. Summary

    Mine arrived today and oh boy am I happy that I bought this bundle. Love every single deck. I recommend adding the gaff deck for the Black Tigers.
  2. Summary

    Nice purchase. Fast shipping. Though I have to say my favorite is probably the black tigers. But not a bad deck in the bunch definitely worth the money
  3. Summary

    I own the BlackTigers so I knew those were great .ShadowMasters are beautiful as are the Arcane.
    All the decks feel complaints.
  4. Summary

    I am very happy with these cards. First of all, if you were to buy all of the cards separately, it would cost 7 dollars more than this bundle. The cards arrived in great condition, and each deck has great handling. I highly recommend this bundle to anyone in need of quality playing cards.