Angle Z - DVD

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Customer Reviews

  • by Dan Garf

    Dec 2013

    99 Stars!

    This effect is Great. Limitless and powerful, angle Z leaves your spectators truly speechless and leaves you even cleaner.

    D:M is one of the best instructors in my opinion and one of the most creative minds currently in magic as well. Buy this and you will love all of the additional subtleties on the DVD!

  • by Ben Falxon

    Dec 2013

    This is one of my favorite effects to perform. the teaching is in depth and the possibilities with this are endless. Daniel teaches this with a ton of depth. All the different variations and ways to do this really makes this stand out. especially Justin Millers idea.

  • by Mike Paldino

    Nov 2013

    Angle Z(ero) has been a part of my professional repertoire since I first saw it on DM's Dangerous DVD back in 2008. It has served me very well over the years- it's strengths being its utter and apparent fairness, its straightforwardness, and its diabolical method that in the end creates an outstanding effect.

    As far as the learning curve, nothing here is left out. As it stands, AZ is one of those pure effects that live up to that "jazz standard" magicians always look for but rarely find. The ability to tailor the effect literally on the spot and on a case-by-case basis gives the performer a tool to truly make the effect their own, as opposed to merely performing it as-is.

    I can say while full of detail, it's not perfect, nor is it the last word on the effect. Like all great myths though, this effect simply builds over time and legend; the more the stories of spectators change, the more monumental the impact of AZ becomes.

    Standouts for me: Justin Miller's ballsy, BALLSY, handling with ANY card, and DM's psychology and explanation of where/where not to discover the corner. Very insightful stuff. Good work!