Angle-Z Refills (For Use with The Gaff System)

Angle-Z Refills (For Use with The Gaff System)
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While the Angle Z DVD by Daniel Madison is devoted to how to perform incredible, ungimmicked versions of Angle Z to its full potential - including thoughts from a Who's Who of Magic and impossible feats, the Refill Cards in this package are for use in the Angle Z effect from The Gaff System. The use of these cards are not taught on the Angle Z DVD.

The corner of a card is ripped off and then gently balanced on the card’s back. Slowly the card is tilted - with the corner defying gravity, staying stuck to the card. It’s handed out to the spectator to inspect who discovers the corner’s not just stuck - it’s melted into the card itself.

Contains 50 Refill Cards for Angle Z, as taught on 'The Gaff System'.
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  1. Summary

    First of all, this review is ONLY for the refills, not the trick itself. The trick is easily a 50 star illusion.

    I’d give this incredible refill idea 5 stars, if not for 2 niggling issues:
    1) There’s only 50 cards in the pack, not 52 as advertised
    2) They’re all the same face card. Seriously. You can never re-perform this near someone who has seen it before. Would make sense to have at least a small variety... give 3 or 4 different face cards, so you can utterly destroy your friends’ brains more than once.

    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of DM when I first saw him. My first impression was that he seemed kinda smug and arrogant.

    But the more I’ve seen, the more impressed I am. His teaching style is fantastic, he omits the “typical” stuff if he doesn’t genuinely believe in it, and teaches HIS own way.

    The more exposure I’ve had to his performing and teaching, the more I’ve come to really enjoy his style. I’ll gladly admit my first impression was WAY off :)
  2. Summary

    A F****** killer trick.
  3. Summary

    This can get amazing results, but I wished it came with, or offered different gaffs than the 2 of hearts. Some of us perform for the same circle of friends and giving out two of the same gimmick can take away some of the power that this is capable of retaining over time. Great product all the same, very recommended!