Arcane Deck Playing Cards (dummy)

Arcane Deck Playing Cards (dummy)
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    i just cant wait them to release it, anyone knows how much it cost?
  2. Card Magic will be revolutionized...
    They look awsome and I can't wait for them to get in stock.
    October started yesterday!
    I just need to order these and I have all the cards produced by Ellusionist to date!

    How much longer?
  3. XMAS

    XMAS comes early!!!! These look great! I cant wait to get these.
  4. Flawless...

    From what I have seen so far, these cards are absolutely amazing. I need to get my hands on these the second they are released. Thank you Ellusionist for yet another great deck of cards.
  5. WOW!

    OMG I can't wait for this deck. The suspense is killing me.
  6. Freakin Sweet

    I think they look awesome can wait for them to come out
  7. the wait is killing me....

    i posted before but it never showed up hmmmmm....anyways i am uber excited to be picking up this deck. i thought there were two different color decks for the arcanes but I could be wrong. it doesn't matter to me because my birthday is in October and I am buying me some sweet bday presents, like 3 decks of each color or maybe 4 of each color....1 each to practice and 1 each to perform and then 2 to save :) hurry up October and bring on the release details!!!!
  8. A small concern...

    Will these decks be...similar quality to Vintage 1800? V1800 was not a very nice deck to flourish with, sorry to say. I think it's the ink problem...will the same problem occur?

    P.s. Arcanes still look SICK. I have to get them. I swear.

  9. It sends shivers down my spine thinking about it!

    I can tell from the close up that these cards are going to look amazing!!! I can only imagine what they look like actual size! And what you geniuses will do for a gaff sends shivers down my spine thinking about it! I cant wait for these cards to be released!!
  10. Gaff Deck

    Lets hope the Gaff deck won't be far behind I am still waiting on a Shadow Gaff deck.