Arcane Deck Playing Cards (dummy)

Arcane Deck Playing Cards (dummy)
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  1. Whoop dee doo

    your making this big a deal about a deck of cards. Like anything it's not the tool it's the magician
  2. Colors

    Are they available on two colors?!
    At the picture you can clearly see two decks, the first one in the front is black, and the second one at the back is white!
  3. WOW!!

    Best of the best!
  4. It's stupid

    It's stupid how I still don't have these in my hands.

  5. cant wait

    i really cant wait to get this deck.... im ordering it the first chance i get.. which will either be the day it comes out or a few days after.... putting a $150 order on hold so i can add this deck, hopefully it comes out a while b4 Halloween because theres something else im ordering that i hope to have for Halloween... but im waiting for this deck regardless.... because just seeing that one closeup pic makes me want them... maybe even more then i wanted the black tiger deck the first time i saw it, and its my favorite deck, at the moment anyway.. that may just change when i get my hands on this...
  6. Looks like the best deck Ellusionist will ever come out with

    These card look totally amazing and knowing the ellusionist team then these cards will be absolutely spectacular in the feel of the deck
  7. All i can say is wow i want these cards just a glimpse and they look awesome

    these cards look really awesome, but come on everything that Ellusionist has to offer is awesome
  8. No way!

    I can't wait for this to come out. Just this picture got me excited. I'll definitely be buying some.
  9. OMG!

    One close up pic of them, and I want them already! Lmao.
  10. Can't wait

    I will be on edge till the day of release. I can't wait to add these cards to my routines and my Bicycle card collection. I'm sure the new series will blow every one away.