Armband by Marcus Eddie

Downloadable Video
Armband is a guaranteed attention getter when used as an opening or closing with any rubber band routine. Probably the coolest way to get your band back onto your arm that we've seen.

As they say simple hits hard. So, simply take a regular rubber band and throw it against your arm to have it instantly penetrate your wrist. It never fails to get love from the crowd.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 9 Minutes
Format: Download

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Customer Reviews

  • by Miguel Costas

    Apr 2017

    The times I've performed this leaves people in awe and asking to be shown again which makes it all the better. Amazing download also supper easy to follow.

  • by Demious

    Dec 2016

    Ridiculously simple, but a real attention grabber. Great to use at a bar, a couple of rubber bands around your wrist and with a few moves, people are asking for more. Time to pull a deck of cards from your pocket.

  • by Billy Jamez Martin

    Oct 2015

    Simple, fun, and a true attention grabber. Really easy and like anything from M. Eddie wonderful to perform. Spend the dough, you will be happy you did. A true winner!