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This video is a training vehicle that will teach you how to use your gaff deck. The gaff Deck is available in Blue Bicycle, Ghost and Black Tiger.

A gaff card is a specially printed card designed to fit in with your normal deck. What makes these cards so powerful is that spectators have never seen cards like these.

The shock of seeing a never-before-seen card produced magically packs a powerful, magical punch. Ellusionist has created the ultimate vehicle to train you in the art of using gaff cards.

Justin Miller is your teacher on this journey. One of the best magic teachers on Ellusionist, Justin makes learning the sleights, routines and presentation of the effects on this video easy and SO much fun.

Featured Routines on the Army of 52

PIP MATRIX: Cause the pips (suit symbols) to visually move around the selected card-- culminating with all of the pips jumping to one corner of the card.
STRANGER CARD: The performer places a BLUE backed prediction card in the spectator's hand, face down. Another spectator takes any card out of the RED backed deck, and he signs it. The card is put back into the deck. With no funny moves, the prediction card is then slowly, slowly turned over to reveal the spectator's SIGNED, selected card-- now with a BLUE back. What the...?!

CAPTAIN BLUR: Hold complete control of your spectator's senses. Their chosen card appears to literally go out of focus at your will.

The video is absolutely packed with full routines for these cards, including such hit effects as Diamond Card Spin, 4 Aces Flapping, DG Spade Orama, Negative Erdnase, Ambitious Black, Colt 45 Pip Switch, Coffin Card, Jeweler's Dozen, Color Suck, Ink Flow, Shattered Aces, Queen Transmit AND MANY MORE!

We guide you through every nook and cranny, gully, hill, and valley imaginable. By the time we finish with you, you'll know so much about gaff cards and how to use them, you will be able to go out and astound people in ways you never thought were possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The preview video shows the Ghost Gaff deck. The same type of material can be performed with the Blue Gaff deck, but some cards and the box are different between the decks.

Also includes exclusive, members-only access to the Army of 52 Discussion Forum at Ellusionist. What tricks are people coming up with? Need help on routining your gaff tricks? March into the forums for additional tips, discussion, and ideas on use of all the Ellusionist Gaff Decks.

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  1. garry

    Great video, starts with street demonstrations, continuing throughout the video, there are very good demonstrations for each trick, and it continues with detailed explanations on how to set up each trick, by combining the ghost and the ghost gaff deck,
    Very good video, very enjoyable to watch, for me some tricks need more practice than others, but they are very enjoyable to do these tricks.
  2. Summary

    Army of 52 by Justin Miller, it is an excellent video, in the video first you get great street demonstrations and reactions, great explanations on how to use the ghost and ghost gaff decks, and how to do the set up for each trick with both decks combined, Justin Miller explains how to use the decks in great detail, or just use your imagination and incorporate these ideas, with your own ideas.
  3. Summary

    Me parece un video impresionante. Recomendable para las barajas GAFF de Ghost y Tigre Negro

    Translation: I think it's an awesome video. Recommended for the GAFF Decks of Ghost and Black Tiger