Artifice Tundra Playing Cards


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Gorgeous and ethereal, the Tundra marks the next deck in the elite Artifice franchise.

It looks like a dream and handles like a dream. Smooth, icy white. The deck features colorless court cards and "stripped down" Artifice Ace of Spades.

Feel Tundra... the deck comes to life in your hands and *almost* performs for you.

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  • Metallic Line Art to Enhance the Deck Design
  • Carefully Chosen Finish for Durability and Perfect Handling
  • Printed in the USA by the US Playing Card Company

Customer Reviews

  • by Samuel

    Mar 2017

    I just love it! That ace of spades is beautiful.

  • by Terry Deane

    Jan 2017

    Another deck that I almost loved. Feels and handles great. Nice custom court cards. But, I hate the black heart and diamond pips. Just like the Aurelian deck, if the heart and diamond pips were red I would love both decks and list them among my favorites but the all black pips makes these decks impractical for magic, imo.

  • by Michael Brazell

    Oct 2015

    I'm giving this product five stars because it's earned it. While I have used many decks for card games, tarot readings and for cardistry, this deck really stands out from the rest.
    These cards really do last, I've been working hem very rigorously for the past two weeks and seeing very little performance change. If a solid deck for the long run is what you are after, then buy this deck.