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    Full Overview

    Gorgeous and ethereal, the Tundra marks the next deck in the elite Artifice franchise.

    It looks like a dream and handles like a dream. Smooth, icy white. The deck features colorless court cards and "stripped down" Artifice Ace of Spades.

    Feel Tundra...... the deck comes to life in your hands and *almost* performs for you.

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    -Metallic Line Art to Enhance the Deck Design

    -Carefully Chosen Finish for Durability and Perfect Handling
    -Printed in the USA by the US Playing Card Company

    Customer Reviews

    • by Andrew

      Mar 28, 2014

      The color is great and adds dimension to my routines, especially when a lot of my other decks are dark colors. I love the white, the design, everything.

    • by Bill Bateman

      Jan 26, 2014

      I have gotten in to using lighter colors in cards, and the Tundra are great. I like the design and the handling. Art work is great and a cool Joker. The rest has been said right here. Read on Mac Duff. :-)

    • by Michael Warren

      Jan 13, 2014

      I like these cards a lot. They feel great, and look cool, fan well, DL easily, and dribble well.

      They are my new "go-to" deck of choice.