Attraction by Laurent Mikelfield

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In Attraction, Mikelfield has created a concept that allows a predetermined number of cards to be lifted in a single packet - at the touch of a finger. Gravity seems to reverse for the cards under Laurent's control, stopped from falling by a single touch.

A card is selected from the pack and signed by the spectator before being returned to the deck. The deck is squared on the table and using just one finger, the magician touches the back of the pack. Instantly a number of cards cling to the fingertip in one packet - it's this moment that has people reacting even before the performance has finished.

The packet is returned to the table and spread - with the final card left on the deck turned over to show it is the spectator's signed card. The magician then reveals his prediction of cards in the stack - counting them individually, to show he knew where the selection would be at all times...

This download teaches the concept and mechanics behind the effect, and despite no verbal instruction, each step along the way is clearly and deliberately communicated, making it impossible to go wrong. Laurent teaches his handling of the effect seen in the trailer - but this practical and simple idea could be applied to any number of effects.

The creator of best-seller 'Smiley', Laurent's supernatural feat in Attraction defies explanation. Pick it up now.

Difficulty: Beginner.
Run Time: 11 minutes.
Format: Download.
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  1. Summary

    It does not tell you where you can get the most important part of the gimmick... I would use this in real life but I can't since I do not know where to get the materials for the gimmick
  2. Summary

    Nice effect! video has no vocal instructions, but is easy to follow! may require some additional items to be purchased from your local shop.

    looks amazing, kicker ending! easy to perform.

    gimmicked deck, not fully inspect-able.

    i would recommend this effect as its cheap and gets great reactions!
  3. Summary

    I don't mind a little prep work or even in this case buying a few things to make the trick work...and work it does! I especially like the surprise ending ! Good trick!
  4. Summary

    This is one of my favorite effects to perform. It's really easy to master. I kind of wish there was some vocal instruction in the video, but for this trick, it wasn't really necessary. Overall, a great trick.
  5. Summary

    I love this effect. Even after purchasing this, it still has a magic feel to it, and I have received some awesome reactions to this! For the cost it is will worth it. Easy to learn, and easy to perform. If you are sitting on the fence about getting this and you like how it looks in the trailer, do yourself a favor and get it.

    Other reviews say they hate how you cant end clean. I personally don't think it matters because you show each card individually that were picked up with the touch, which in my opinion and experience so far cleans it up in the mind of the spectator that they don't or feel the need to inspect the deck.
  6. Summary

    The trick is very well thought of but I didn't have everything to make the trick that's why it doesn't have 5 stars for me
  7. Summary

    Great effect...but you will need extra stuff that you might not have readily available. And the deck is not clean so either you will have to add the gimmicks after having performed a few effects and no one will ask to see the cards or you'll have to ditch the gimmicks after the effect since you don't end clean. Overall worth the time to make and great visual magic.
  8. Summary

    This is a cool effect, and a clever gimmick that is easy to construct and fairly inexpensive. IMO however, there are a number of drawbacks.

    - it's quick and visual
    - easy to set and reset
    - gimmick is easy to make, pretty inexpensive, and ready in no time.

    - The second half of the routine, in my opinion, gives away that you're doing something sneaky and fouls the reaction.
    - You have to have your deck with the gimmick set in place, There's no shuffling or other convincers.
    - The deck is not examinable by spectators and there's no ditch moves included in this instruction, it wouldn't be easy to do additional tricks with the same deck before or after this effect.
    - The instructions are completely visual, there's no text or voice track to explain what's happening. It's easy enough to follow but you lose things like subtleties in handling and such.
  9. Summary

    I bought this a couple nights ago. The trick itself is amzing and looks really good. The method was exactly what I thought it was, Im sure it flys by spectators, but Im not a magic creator and i knew how this was done, but then again I been doing magic a long time. That being said, the video is silent but is shot well enough that you'll get it on the first watch through, second at most. This looks like it can play really big, but I won't be doing this in my everyday set. It's not my cup of tea but to each their own. I know this will knock them dead, but this just isn't for me. Great effect, just not my style.
  10. Summary

    This trick is fantastic! It's better than fantastic! The only word I can think of is FILTHY. People are going to be blown away by this trick and the method is amazing and almost 100% clean.