Aurelian Playing Cards

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Aurelian Playing Cards
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  1. Summary

    These cards feel amazing. I ordered a bunch of decks from ellusionist and these are by far my favorite. I am definitely going to be buying more of these cards.
  2. Summary

    A Beautiful deck of cards. Feels wonderful in the hands. Very eye-catching in mesmerizing spectators. One of my go-to favorite decks.
  3. Summary

    By far my favourite Ellusionist deck! They handle beautifully, look beautiful and ooze class and elegance.
  4. Summary

    It is very hard for me to get decks imported to India, my order took over 60 days to get to me, with significant custom duty, but I'm not disappointing at all. This deck is simple royal. The gold color on Ace Pip is simple amazing.
  5. Summary

    These cards are awesome, and feel really good in your hands
  6. Summary

    Beautiful in design. Lovely in appearance. They do not handle however as well as I hoped they would. The Tuck and box is lovely. Unfortunately in the hand the cards just do not make the five star.
  7. Summary

    I have to appreciate the detail and effort ellusionist has put in, but I think it's in vain. There's too much gold in it, and that just makes the deck look flashy. Normally, people prefer simple decks with light colors, and gold in a deck is a bit off.
    Moreover, these cards are similar to the Artisians by T11, and those cards lack handling, as do these. This was a rather disappointing deck.
  8. Summary

    I like these cards but don't love them as much as I thought I would. Tuck case is beautiful as is the back design. I like the face cards and small pips. Beautiful ace of spades. My main complaint would be the handling. They don't handle quite as good as I hoped they would. That keeps the from being 5 stars.
  9. Summary

    At first I didn't want to get these cards because they looked too much like a T11 deck. When I finally gave in, these cards immediately became my new favorite deck. Although the design aesthetics are similar to that of a T11 deck, they are extremely different. As with most E cards, the faces are customized, and very cool. The pips are smaller than usual, which I like. As for the handling of the cards, well, they handle exceptionally. Overall, 9/10, the only reason a point off is because of the T11-ish design. Must buy for any card collector or magician.
  10. Summary

    I think that the cards are very nice however, I'm a little bit disappointed that the red cards (Diamonds and Hearts) are black just like the ghost deck. The Only difference is that the pips are smaller. So again I'm a bit disappointed.