Back Peddle Fold by Sumer Seth

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Sumer Seth has an odd brain. Putting the harsh winters of Canada to good use, he solved a problem we didn't know we had. 

Traditional 'Mercury Folds' use two hands to secretly fold a selection. 

But what happens if they're burning the deck? 

Back Peddle Fold is OUT OF SIGHT. With Sumer's Back Peddle Fold, you can covertly crease and fold a selection from the top or bottom of the deck, with just one hand.

Completely undetectable & with misdirection is built in. 

Use Back Peddle Fold for: 

  • Switches 
  • Mystery Card Effects 
  • Ambitious Card Finales 

Sometimes it's that 1% change in your handling that takes your magic all the way to 100.

Learn 'Back Peddle Fold' TODAY.  

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    Good quality and clear to understand video. The technical part is explained very well with great focus on how to move the fingers. Not 5 stars since I'm not really sure how practical is this move in comparison to the standard 2-hands mercury fold.
  2. Bryan

    This is great! I downloaded this just the other day and in a few days, it's going well. I have now performed this a few times and it works great! The video is of good quality and he does an amazing job teaching.
  3. David

    The move itself isn't super hard, which is nice. It'll take some practice to get it looking the same every time, but otherwise, I'm into this utility move and am already coming up with ways to make use of it.
  4. Summary

    SOO worth the time in practicing and fun to learn! I can definitely see myself using this covert move besides using the mercury fold when feeling ballsy.