BALLER by JT Chalatsis

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Regular Price $34.95 Special Price $14.95
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NOTE: After our warehouse clearance we found 176 units of Baller without the sticker for the packaging. You can now buy these at a discounted price.

The problem with all sponge ball magic is that it happens in a closed fist.

For the first time, BALLER destroys conventions and allows the vanish to be instant and open.

Effortless visuals with nothing to hide.

A revolutionary sponge ball gimmick has emerged.

Visibly pass sponge balls through:

• Tables
• Windows
• Their hands
• Anything!


"My mind is racing with possibilities - I can't wait to play with this." - Wayne Houchin

The BALLER VANISH is what classic sponge ball magic has been waiting for.

Each gimmick is hand-made to ensure quality and precision. 

Make Sponge Balls Great Again!

Get BALLER immediately.

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  1. Tyler

    This Gimmick is one of the best purchases I have made! Its so easy and fools the pants of of people! I use it for a routine I do at kids party's and they love it!
  2. Summary

    WOW!!! I never thought I would find something else to improve my sponge ball magic, but I thought wrong. This is a great new was to perform sponge ball magic. Going to be using this more often now.
  3. Summary

    I have been working with sponge balls for quite some time and this product is what I wanted. John Chalatsis with this great idea takes the sponge balls and your routines and puts it on a whole new level! I highly recommend it!