Bar Magic Tricks


So you've decided that you'll learn a few quick, simple magic tricks to impress your bar patrons to keep them coming back for more. Or if you're a customer, you might try these to bet on free drinks or even pick up ladies. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn a bar trick or two, you can become the life of the party, the center of attention at bars, and the hottest guy in the building even if you do have a malformed growth on your lip. Let's get to it.


Dancing Matchsticks

Who would've thought you could entertain your customers with a couple of rubber bands?


Toothpick Star

This trick does it all... dropping of the jaws, heckling from random people, and the satisfaction of not really having to do anything, just don't miss the matchsticks.


Revenge of the Matchbox

This trick could easily get you bitchslapped. Of course if you're the bartender, your customer will just have to deal with it if they wanna come back.


Passing A Cork Through Another Cork

You have two corks in between the backs of your thumb and index finger and you have to switch sides without dropping the corks. Think you can do it?


3 Trick Combo

Can you pull a cork out of a bottle, then blow out a candle with that same bottle and relight the candle by lighting the smoke in 15 seconds? This guy can.


Red Bull Liquid Suspension Trick

This guy doesn't perform his trick in bar, but what bar doesn't carry Red Bull? This one will definitely impress your Yagerbomb drinking customers.


Drink From an Unopened Bottle of Wine

Here's a dirty trick! You're sure to win a few bucks on this one.


Which Coin Was Touched

All you have to do is turn your back away from the counter and tell one of your customers to touch one of the coins you've laid out. Then when you turn around, you can show them which coin they just touched. You'll need a partner in crime to pull this one off.


The Egg Flip

How do you flip an egg in a shot glass without touching it? It's really simple actually if you've got some good lungs. The lung part may be a problem if you've spent a lot of time in a bar that allows smoking.


The Unbreakable Cigarette

Everyone who smokes knows that you can't bend a cigarette without breaking it. You'll show those non-believers!


We were very happy to go around looking for simple bar magic tricks that any bartender can do to impress their customers and keep them coming back for more. Ellusionist has a wide range of simple to advanced street magic, coin tricks, card tricks, and all out kick ass magic trick kits.