Bebel - An Underground Legend

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1:46am. A small coffee shop in the Pigalle district of Paris, France. An unassuming gentleman sits nursing an espresso, a cane by his side. His fingers turning a single card over and over again in his palm.

Face up, Face down. Face up, Face down.

With each subsequent turn the card changes. 6 of Hearts. Ace of Spades. Queen of Diamonds. 3 of Clubs. This single card never goes out of view, and never repeats the same value as it turns over.

This is the man we're here to meet. This is our introduction to Bebel.

In a rare, intimate, after-midnight session where he allowed our cameras to film, underground legend Bebel teaches three utility moves that are as magical and flawless as un-gimmicked card work can get.

Bebel demonstrates his techniques for both tabled and in-the-hand changes, all of which can be revealed instantly as an effect within themselves, or slipped into existing effects - replacing the over-handling of cards inherent in many routines.

Utility #1
An in-the-hands change of a single card or entire packet. The cards are displayed face up in the hand. In a fleeting squaring motion, the cards are instantly changed and can be displayed cleanly, or set down to be revealed in due course. |

Utility #2
The change of a single, tabled card - changed after placement under a small object, or in the action of being pushed forward to the spectator. This effect is worth the price of the download alone.

Utility #3
A tabled change of a single card or entire packet. The cards may be displayed on the table, checked by the performer, then re-tabled and shown to have change. A devious move with big pay-offs for Texas Hold'em players.

Whilst the small amount of speaking in this tutorial is in French, every effect is taught slowly, in detail, from multiple angles and is easy enough for any non-French speaker to pick up in minutes. This is a unique chance to learn truly impressive magic, taught by a genius in his field.
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  1. Summary

    Just got this and pretty impressed. The techniques used are so simple you'll be kicking yourself almost to the point of thinking.... is that it ???? that simple? That said that's where lies its brilliance. Looking forward to fooling people and would be a good addition if you've got 'moves' by DM.
  2. Summary

    Was nervous at first. Only nine minutes of video and first three and a half are preview. Bebel also does not speak english.... But, then came the sleights. BOOM. amazing for a table card guy like myself. Easily learned because taught in simple UNSPOKEN manner. Truly some great moves taught well in a great atmosphere.
  3. Summary

    I was slightly apprehensive about there being no speech however all of the sleights are done slowly and clearly so that it is easy to follow. Only problem is that these have to be done at a table and I tend to stand up when I perform.