Ellusionist.com is the place to start. We've trained over 1 million normal people like you (with no prior experience), to do incredible magic tricks, like you see David Blaine, Dynamo & Justin Willman do on TV or Netflix.

Over the last 2 decades we've created an unrivalled list of beginner magic kits, tricks, instantly downloadable magic effects and beautiful custom playing cards.

Magic is simpler than you think. Learn how.


These are not cheap magic kits that you'd find in a toy-store and give as a gift to a 10 year old. These magic kits are the real deal.

How to be a Magician was originally presented on Kickstarter and funded in just 24 hours.  It's since become one of the all-time best sellers of Ellusionist, propelling want-to-be magicians into full-fledged close up magic miracle workers.

How to Read Minds was the follow-up sequel which funded on Kickstarter in a mere 90 minutes and went on to out-sell How to be a Magician and break all records.  You can’t find a more effective kit for the beginner to learn magic than this one.  We suggest purchasing the special deal on BOTH, then hand-picking tricks that you are drawn to.

The material you'll find here is taught and used by real, professional magicians & mind-readers.

In the last 2 decades we've trained over 1million magicians, many of whom are on TV now. WE KNOW MAGIC... and these kits are without doubt, the industry's #1 place to start if you want to learn magic tricks.

We've hand-picked some of the easiest magic on earth to give even the newest beginner the true start that they need.

How to be a Magician - Powerful Magic anyone can do


How To Be A Magician is an ALL NEW visual training package that allows ANYONE to perform MIRACLES, build confidence and OWN any party they walk into.

By purchasing this kit, you'll get a box of special props that you carry with you at all times. Props that look completely normal, but will allow you to perform incredible magic at any moment.

You'll learn how to...

• Bite a coin in HALF, then blow it back together

• Make ink disappear and move around

• Pull a silk from a “hole” in the middle of your hand

• Vanish a cigarette - visibly

• Make objects move without touching them

• Teleport items into someone's hand


How to be a Magician Box Set
How to be Read Minds - No Secret is safe


We've hand-picked some of the most effective and easiest mentalism (mind reading) to give ANY beginner the skills they need. No prior knowledge required.

The kit contains over 20 powerful techniques for mind-reading and 14 special items that sit in plain sight. These secret props will help you perform incredible demonstrations of mind-reading with little to no effort.

You'll learn how to:

• Know the unlock code to anyone's phone

• Reveal any word they think of

• See inside their mind & pull out a thought

• Know their 4-digit credit card PIN

• Draw the exact object they secretly drew

• Guess a serial number on a borrowed bill

• & MUCH MUCH MORE .... (Over 20 techniques and 30 tricks taught)

How to read minds box set


The magic tricks you will learn here will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Everything we do is designed to help you learn beginner magic more efficiently. It has never been easier to learn heavily-guarded industry secrets and buy affordable magic gimmicks and devices.

Before Ellusionist.com was founded in 2001, you had to order magic tricks from a catalogue. We blew our cash on poorly-made tricks and squinted until our eyes bled from trying to figure out tricks from grainy, black and white photos.

Not anymore. We offer only the most jaw-dropping effects. Our teachers are the best in the business. Our videos are crystal-clear and produced with ease of learning in mind and our quality of magic gimmicks are second to none.

Below is a hand-selected group of projects EVERYONE starting out in magic should own.

Messado Rings

Starting at $39.95

QuickSilver by Mario Tarasini

Starting at $5

Cat's Paw

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Ellusionist is a global hub for online magic. We ship to over 200 countries, with safe, fast, flat rate shipping - but for some, tomorrow isn't soon enough. 

In this section you'll be able to shop hundreds of downloadable and streamable video tutorials to help you learn close up magic. Watch on demand. Any time, anywhere. 

By purchasing these affordable projects, you'll be able to instantly unlock access to the secrets within, from the comfort of your own home. 

These are the 4 we initially recommend to ANYONE. 

Metal: High-Impact Coin Magic

Starting at $34.95

Angle-Z by Daniel Madison

Starting at $29.95

How to do Miracle Card Tricks

Starting at $34.95


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Ellusionist started the custom deck market in the early 2000's. Before Ellusionist.com there were no custom playing cards on Earth, just casino decks and the trusted Bicycle design. 

Pioneer Brad Christian flipped that design on it's head. Literally, by double inverting colors on photoshop, unearthing the now famous 'Black Tiger' design. 

Many have imitated, but none have come close to capturing Ellusionist's spirit within their designs. Below are 4 of the must-have decks for any new magician. Blindly click on any deck and you'll be discovering a unparalleled standard in playing cards. 

The finest stock, the most captivating designs and the best prices. 


Not satisfied with easy? Take your online magic learning to the next level with these 4 best-selling magic devices. 

They're a little more expensive, but with higher price tag, comes A LOT more power. 

The viral hit 'PYRO MINI' turns your boring wrists into flamethrowers. Silver Edge introduces you to something you never knew existed - SUPER STRONG magnetic coins... and shows you how to do crazy things with them. 

Venom's levitation system helps harness the power to float, move and stop items in free-fall. While Console, one of our newest releases, helps you go digital and predict ANYTHING someone says and show that it was saved to your phones photos app/camera roll a week before you met them. 

This isn't just close up magic now... It's miracles. 

The Silver Edge by Kim Andersen

Starting at $39.95

Console by Mark Lemon

Starting at $99


What Customers are saying...

Ellusionist.com has served over 1 million customers online in the last 2 decades since it was founded in 2001. These are a small handful of reviews that we wanted to share.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐They really CARE about you, your order, and your satisfaction. They make you feel like you are the only person that orders from them and they'll bend over backwards for you...
- Bob Somers, Southern Cal

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐These videos are like sitting down with a friend. Someone who knows what you are thinking and knows what you want to learn. And Brad has an excellent sense of humor, which makes what he teaches all the more effective! NOTHING beats these videos. NOTHING even COMES CLOSE.
- Matthew Worman, NJ

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I just practice and then play God for a while.
- Anonymous, USA

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Improved my magic skills 300%. There isn't anything on the web that has proved better.
- Jesse Worbington, FL., USA

Not sure what is right for you?

First Steps

What kind of magic is right for you? From card magic to the supernatural, magic is composed of many different genres. With so much material to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what kind of magic you want to learn. Relax. We are here to guide you.

Street magic effects fall into one or more categories, or "fields." One of these fields may have brought you to our door. As you get your feet wet, we hope you sample a little bit from each field. But, as a beginner, you want to stick with what brought you. Whatever attracted you to magic, delve into it. You're going to have much more fun that way.

CARD MAGIC: Hands down, the most popular form of street magic. A ton of our members love playing cards, because there's so much you can do with them. You can learn sleight of hand with normal playing cards, so that you can drop jaws with a borrowed deck of cards. Or throw in some gaff cards or trick decks to kick it up a notch.

MONEY MAGIC: This is a street magic staple, because everyone has money (yes, even in this economy). So when you bend borrowed quarters, or move the inks on dollar bills, or change their denominations with just a flick of the wrist, the reactions you'll get will be priceless.

LEVITATION: Magicians can't be bothered with little things such as gravity. Making things float is another staple of street magic, and there are lots of ways to do so. Street magicians have ways to levitatie crumpled up dollar bills, cards, coins, matches and even their own bodies.

MENTALISM: This field promises the biggest reaction, because there's no better trick than being able to read someone's mind like it's a billboard. This is one of the more difficult fields of magic, so be prepared for a lot of work.

BIZARRE/SHOCK MAGIC: More of a presentational field, bizarre/shock magic is made to wrench guts at the same time as it drops jaws. It's much more visceral, evocative and ... well, messy. Body parts twist, others get removed and blood flows freely in this field.

CARD FLOURISHING: Though purists may argue that there's no magic here, there is plenty audiences can love in the field of Xtreme Card Manipulation. Many card magicians find these moves enhance their own routines. These dizzying cuts, fans, spreads and more are eye-catching, dazzling and show the mark of a true professional.