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If you are a newcomer to magic, then WE are jealous of YOU.

Don't get us wrong: We are thrilled that you found magic. Maybe it was a David Blaine card trick, a Criss Angel magic trick or some random performer on the street that got you interested. But something got you fired up to learn the secrets of magic or sleight of hand. We love welcoming new people into the fold.

That being said, we're still jealous. There's nothing like the feeling of discovering a whole, new world of mystery and wonder. "Knowledge is power," they say, and nowhere is that more true than in this art. Everyone at Ellusionist remembers how incredible it is to be a beginner. Magic isn't magic without those first explorations.

This is also the BEST time to be a newcomer to magic. The Internet and improvements to digital video have helped beginner magic instruction grow by leaps and bounds. It has never been easier to learn difficult, guarded sleights and use magic props and gimmicks.

That experience of being a beginner is what drives us every day at Ellusionist.

All of our artists remember what it was like to just get started. We made classic, big-time mistakes, and learned a lot from them. We explored different forms of magic, blew our cash on poorly-made tricks and squinted until our eyes bled from trying to figure out a sleight from a dot-gainy, grainy, black and white photo.

As much as we learned from those agonizing times, we could have achieved our performance goals a lot quicker without them.

Everything we do is designed to help you learn beginner magic more efficiently.

We have top-notch props and gimmicks. We offer only the most jaw-dropping effects. Our teachers are the best in the business. Our videos are crystal-clear and produced with ease of learning in mind. And our members, including more than 75,000 on our forums, are supportive and helpful in leading you to more information. Even if you don't buy a single thing from us, this beginner's section will get you on the right path.

Welcome to magic. Now let's get started...

What Is Street Magic?

Street magic is a more realistic, gritty, form of closeup magic that is performed in random, public locations, such as people you meet on the street, in malls, parking lots, on campus and other well-populated places. David Blaine redefined street magic with his TV specials.

We live and love street magic.

It courses through our arteries and veins, oozes out of our pores and keeps us burning the midnight oil long after we should have gone to bed. What we like about it is that it feels more like magic than anything else we've found. When magicians perform strolling or close-up magic at parties, corporate events, weddings or other gatherings, their audiences expect to be entertained. But a person off the street, with their own agenda and schedule, has their walls up a bit. They are more skeptical and inquisitive.

When you perform an incredible magic trick on the streets, the reactions are more intense.

Street magic props are everyday items: No top hats and rabbits here. We're talking about playing cards, coins, bills, water bottles, cans and other common things that people usually carry with them. Those types of items add to the realism.

Not sure what is right for you?

First Steps

What kind of magic is right for you? From card magic to the supernatural, magic is composed of many different genres. With so much material to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what kind of magic you want to learn. Relax. We are here to guide you.

Street magic effects fall into one or more categories, or "fields." One of these fields may have brought you to our door. As you get your feet wet, we hope you sample a little bit from each field. But, as a beginner, you want to stick with what brought you. Whatever attracted you to magic, delve into it. You're going to have much more fun that way.

CARD MAGIC: Hands down, the most popular form of street magic. A ton of our members love playing cards, because there's so much you can do with them. You can learn sleight of hand with normal playing cards, so that you can drop jaws with a borrowed deck of cards. Or throw in some gaff cards or trick decks to kick it up a notch.

MONEY MAGIC: This is a street magic staple, because everyone has money (yes, even in this economy). So when you bend borrowed quarters, or move the inks on dollar bills, or change their denominations with just a flick of the wrist, the reactions you'll get will be priceless.

LEVITATION: Magicians can't be bothered with little things such as gravity. Making things float is another staple of street magic, and there are lots of ways to do so. Street magicians have ways to levitatie crumpled up dollar bills, cards, coins, matches and even their own bodies.

MENTALISM: This field promises the biggest reaction, because there's no better trick than being able to read someone's mind like it's a billboard. This is one of the more difficult fields of magic, so be prepared for a lot of work.

BIZARRE/SHOCK MAGIC: More of a presentational field, bizarre/shock magic is made to wrench guts at the same time as it drops jaws. It's much more visceral, evocative and ... well, messy. Body parts twist, others get removed and blood flows freely in this field.

CARD FLOURISHING: Though purists may argue that there's no magic here, there is plenty audiences can love in the field of Xtreme Card Manipulation. Many card magicians find these moves enhance their own routines. These dizzying cuts, fans, spreads and more are eye-catching, dazzling and show the mark of a true professional.

A 7 Step Guide
To Helping You Buy Magic Online

  1. Make sure the place you want to buy your magic online has been in business for more than a year (click for an example). The internet makes it easy to set up a business with little or no work. But maintaining the business requires hard work. A good online magic store will look and feel professional.

    Ellusionist is trusted worldwide

  2. When you are ready to buy magic online, make sure that checkout page is secure. Buying magic online should never be a risky procedure, and if their pages aren't secure, then you shouldn't buy magic online from them.

    Ellusionist is 100% Secure

  3. Make sure that they have good customer service. An online magic store values your business, and will support their customers 100%. When you buy magic online from a store, you should be able to have all your questions answered within a reasonable amount of time.

    Ellusionist Offers 24/7 support

  4. When you want to buy magic online, make sure that the online store carries quality items, and not magic tricks that are poor in quality. Buy magic from a magic store that takes pride in their products. This is especially important when you buy magic online, because you can't see the items up close like you can in a normal magic store.

    Ellusionist Offers Only The Best

  5. Make sure the online magic store has a neat, organized site. You never want to buy magic online from a store that makes it hard to find anything. Buying magic online should be EASY and not something hard to do.

    Ellusionist IS Intuitive. We Listent to you.

  6. When you buy magic online, pay attention to the shipping and return policies. Buying magic online should be just like buying magic from a store. The shipping price should be reasonable, and there should be a good return policy if something is wrong with your purchase when you get it.

    Ellusionist Ships around the world

  7. You can also buy magic online and download it right away to your computer. Online videos and books make it easy to buy magic and get it delivered right away in your e-mail.

    Ellusionist Offers Instant Downloads

Top Beginners. Magic Tricks & DVD's

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  8. Inside Magic

  9. Kard Klub

  10. King Rising Levitation

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They really CARE about you, your order, and your satisfaction. They make you feel like you are the only person that orders from them and they'll bend over backwards for you...

- Bob Somers, Southern Cal

These videos are like sitting down with a friend. Someone who knows what you are thinking and knows what you want to learn. And Brad has an excellent sense of humor, which makes what he teaches all the more effective! NOTHING beats these videos. NOTHING even COMES CLOSE.

- Matthew Worman, NJ

I just practice and then play God for a while.

- Anonymous, USA

"Improved my magic skills 300%. There isn't anything on the web that has proved better.

- Jesse Worbington, FL., USA

Did You Know?

On any day, Ellusionist receives double the number of hits as Harley Davidson and about the same as Coca Cola.

Apple purchased 800 of our Black Tiger Decks to give to the software engineers who worked on the OS Tiger Platform.

What should i look for?

As you discover beginner magic, you're bound to find more magic sites out there. Here's the thing: Some of them are pretty good, but a lot of them are junk.

Some of them don't offer great customer service. Others overhype and give false promises, then ship you flimsy, fragile, suspicious gimmicks.

And others are just cheap Ellusionist knock-offs. That doesn't happen at Ellusionist.

Things can be rough for a beginner.

Magic tricks are filled with traps and pitfalls that can slow your progress. We want you to be able to perform magic flawlessly, and accomplish all of your performance goals, whether it's being the life of the party, amazing strangers on the street or building your art into a career. Here's a guide of what to look for, in order to determine whether it's worth your time.

How long has the business been around?

Since 2000 with no slowing down in sight.

WHY US?: There have been a ton of copycats on the Internet ever since Ellusionist first went online. But, for the love of Pete, the imitators aren't imitating the MOST IMPORTANT THING: Our uncompromising belief that connecting with spectators and making your life better through magic is priority No. 1.

Is ordering secure?

You better hope so. Make sure the site has secure, encrypted ordering, so that your credit card numbers, hard-earned dollars and credit rating are protected.

WHY US?: Our checkout system is completely secure, featuring 128-bit encryption, verification by VeriSign Secured and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. Your information is NEVER transmitted without encryption, and we don't sell your e-mail address.

How's the customer service?

A lot of magic shops just want your money. They don't care about building a relationship with you. Look for sites that offer good customer service.

WHY US?: We wrote the book on good customer service for magic products. Our eSupport team is the best in the business, and will make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your purchases.

How are the products?

Street magic is dependent upon realism. Cheap, poorly-made supplies and gimmicks will squash your magic mojo before you do your first trick. Make sure what you're getting is made well.

WHY US?: We are VERY selective about the products we offer, because we have been burned by more craptastic tricks than you can imagine. We offer nothing but high-quality supplies from the finest vendors available.

Is it easy to learn?

Would it kill some of these other guys to provide more instructions than a small piece of paper? The greatest gimmick in the world still requires some basic education. Make sure there is plenty of educational support.

WHY US?: This is one of the things that is incredibly important to us, because we want you to succeed. Many of our products come with instructional videos that show basic methods, advanced handling and important subtleties. And our forums are filled with protected forums where you can connect with guys who regularly use the same things.

How much to get the stuff to me?

There are magicians around the world, but not everyone ships worldwide. Make sure your site does. Also, make sure shipping rates are competitive, even in the domestic U.S.

WHY US?: We can ship to anywhere in the world at a competitive price. Our U.S. shipping rates are pretty sweet, too, plus, many of our beginner magic training videos are available by instant downloads. So, to heck with all that.