Bicycle 1900 Playing Cards - Blue

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Designed to disarm.

Just like the 1800s, the 1900s deck is full of secrets and history. Dis-arming your spectators with the unique design, you’ll stay one step ahead of them at all times.

Lying within the wear and tear of the 1900s, is a marking system that is practically invisible to the untrained eye. Only those who know the secret to this deck can unlock the markings on the back of the cards.

You'll quickly understand why these cards set the new standard when you start using them yourself.

Grab a piece of history. 

What would a deck of cards look like if it survived over a century?

Two world wars, nineteen presidents, the Titanic’s maiden voyage, man’s first steps on the moon, McDonald’s selling its first burger, new Coke, Woodstock, and countless other historic events.

The Bicycle 1900s Deck looks like it’s been weathered and abused, exposed to the elements, left to experience every second for over a hundred years.

But these cards are an illusion in themselves, because they may look very old, but they handle superbly. You have to keep telling yourself, this is a new deck of cards.

The faultless follow-up to the ever popular 1800s deck, the 1900s deck is full of secrets and history.

Available in blue Bicycle Rider Back only, you'll quickly understand why these cards set the new standard when you start using them yourself.

Grab a piece of history.



Everyone remembers how they got into magic and many of us share the same story.


Our Grandfather, usually quiet, smoking a cigarette in his favorite chair, gets up and walks to an old mahogany cupboard. Pulling out the drawer, he rummages around and dusts off a weathered, stained deck that looks like it has stories to tell.


He shuffles for the first time in 10 years, but somehow, the cards don't evade him. This isn't the first, the tenth of even the hundredth time he's held these cards... He has complete control.


Then, from this unassuming deck comes the best magic trick you've ever seen in your life. The first magic trick you've ever experienced.


There's something more mysterious about an old object conjuring up miracles. It seems more authentic.


Years later, you're standing in front of an audience, about to perform and your patter begins. Your Grandfather showed you your first magic trick and this was the deck he used.


A brand new deck of Bicycle 1900's is introduced, establishing itself as more than a prop. It's now a character in your performance.


Your audience, enthralled by the cocktail of nostalgia and magic, suspects nothing.


They hear the words, they see the deck and they believe.


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  1. Summary

    I love this deck! I have an old looking leather deck holder from saddlebackleather and I can easily sell this as my great grandfathers old deck that my Dad always said I couldn't play with because strange things happen with it. Super subtle marking system. A little hard in low light, but it's really nice. I think I already have 8 of these and I'm going to order a couple more!
  2. William

    The main reason I bought the cards is because they are marked. However, there is no instructions on how they are marked and, from reading the reviews, Ellusionist doesn't plan on revealing it any time soon, making this deck, despite how cool it looks, useless to me. I'm sure I could spend hours trying to figure it out but practice time is limited so who wants to waste it trying to figure out a deck of cards?
  3. Summary

    This deck fulfills the reputation I have come to associate with all Ellusionist products: high quality, beautiful, durable, and worth the price overall. The paper handles beautifully, the age looks authentic, and the wear/tear patterns are unique among every card. Although the unique print on each card is the reason they can be memorised from the back, it is my favorite part of the deck; it sells the illusion that the cards really are a century old. If the same wear pattern is printed on every card, it becomes very apparent that the cards are brand new and the illusion is lost. The creators did not make that mistake, and their genius design is why I hail this deck as my favorite thus far.
  4. Branavan

    What an awesome deck! Has a great feel!

    Ingenious marking system. Very subtle, which is exactly how it should be!!
  5. Benjamin

    Well The suits have been figured out. Now to see if the individual cards are marked.
  6. Liam

    These are great looking cards. They high quality, as you would expect from Ellusionist. The design is beautiful, and I'm finding myself really inspired playing with stories about the history of the deck. ALSO, about the marking...spend some time with the deck and you will figure it out. The awesome thing is that your audience will have no idea. You just need to invest some time in memorization, but it's undetectable. Highly recommended!
  7. Summary

    OK, I've found the marking, and yes, it's subtle. It's exactly where you wouldn't think to look for it. You can pore over the design on the back for days and not find anything, but if you know, you can at least tell the suit from a distance, I think. Not so sure about value; I don't actually do this like so many reviewers do. But yes, it's there, and it's subtle.
  8. Kim

    When I ask somebody to shuffle my cards, or to touch my deck, or to take out a card, the last thing I want them to think is "eeewwwww!!". I understand that some people want to look like they picked up their deck from the street or retrieved the cards from a trash can. For those this deck achieves that goal while still handling like a new deck. But for the rest of us? No thanks.

    I love Ellusionist, their creativity, their effort to promote good magic. This particular item, however, doesn't resonate with me.
  9. Summary

    I love the look and feel of the deck. Faro like a dream. I can understand the marking system, I’m just wondering is there an algorithm to the marking system or is it just based on memory? Anyways I dig the cards either way, I will be getting more. I’m waiting for a red back deck and I can’t wait for the secret to the marking system to see if I’m right about it.

    P.S. please re-release the marked 1800’s also because I didn’t get the 2nd gen. decks. Thank you E team.
  10. Mike

    Really amazing Cards but there’s one thing I don’t like and that’s the fact it supposed to be an marked deck but no one seems to know how the marking system works so have to take away some stars for that reason

    But other than that it’s perfect but not better than the great 1800s deck please please bring back the 1800s

    ***Ellusionist update*** - Ellusionist has not released the secret marking system yet, but it will be released in the future (no immediate time has been decided, it could be years). We're enjoying adding some mystery back into the magic community.