Bicycle Black Tiger - Red


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Everything about the deck screams HIGH-IMPACT.

The visual impact of the cards is startling. Voodoo, witchcraft, burned and blackened cards... mere concepts come alive with reverse image cards.

The first run of these special edition Tiger decks completely sold out within 96 hours. Now is your chance to get your claws on the second run with even more special edition features, including black-light sensitivity and the highest quality card made by the US Playing Card Company.

Customer Reviews

  • by Igor

    Sep 2017

    Beautiful deck and perfect finish. I love it!

  • by JJ

    Jul 2017

    This deck was my first deck for cardistry and magic. I bought it nearly a year ago and use them all the time and they are still in amazing condition! I love the black tiger deck for many reasons. First of all there is the design: OH MY GOSH!!!! It looks soooooo nice! Another reason I love this deck is the feel of the cards. They are so smooth and perfect for any kind of cardistry or magic. All in all this deck is awesome and DEFINITELY worth the $7.49 you pay for it!

  • by Bailey

    May 2017

    Really nice, buttery smooth and graphics are amazing! Only problem is that they are so nice, I don't want the sides to fade from the awesome black to a dirty white. Amazing deck!