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  1. Summary

    These Gaff cards are great! I don't use them every day, as I try to alternate what I do quite a bit and I think it takes the right crowd to use gaff cards on. That said when I do use gaff cards I use a mix of the old bicycle gaff cards and these. There are some really beautiful cards in this deck. The moving pips trick is great. The reveal cards are really cool as well. The only card i don't really like is the graffiti one, just not my style.
  2. Summary

    I always thought people would notice it the moment they saw these tricks and know that it's a gaff card, but they never do! This is a wonderful deck of cards to have and I absolutely fell in love with them.
  3. Summary

    This is by far the best $30 you can spend on E. The reactions you will get with these is phenomenal. Worth every cent.
  4. Summary

    I used to think that gaff cards were cheating and that people would know right away that obviously it is a special card. I finally caved in and bought this deck and wow was I wrong! With proper sleight of hand and creativity, this gaff deck becomes your best friend! I use these cards all the time and people are amazed and stunned at how everything is done!
  5. Summary

    11/10 pure awesome, so versatile and no one can believe what just happened infront of them!
  6. Summary

    This is a must for any first timers. several cards to choose from for any number of tricks, better than a box of magic crap!
  7. Summary

    Top quality that you can expect from Bicycle. Possibilities are endless. Suggest buying both the red and blue decks.
  8. Summary

    Want to do impossible magic? Those are just the ones you need. Awesome ideas, easy to comprehend and suitable for ordinary Bicycles!
    APPROVED 100 times!
  9. Summary

    Easily one of the best tools to carry around with you... Got one and I use it almost everyday.
    This gaff deck is more effective than any other gaff because with this they assume its a normal deck of cards, and not "magic" cards...
    Very effective if you use someone's red or blue deck and slip in any one of your gaff cards for a trick...
    Reactions are always a treat. A must buy.
  10. Summary

    I really like the different cards that are in here, the only thing I would have like to see is more diversity. There are three of four of the same type of trick. I would have liked to see more cards rather than multiples that are slightly different.