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Printed to true Bicycle design, Masters are manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company to demanding Ellusionist specifications.

The deck features a loyal American Eagle Ace of Spades, big amp'd up box and cards built of tough stock with smooth finish.

Available in red and blue. Go American. OWN IT.


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  1. Summary

    These cards are the best! I love the ace of spades! These handle even better than the regular bicycle playing cards.
  2. Summary

    performance bikes, smooth and silky compared to regular bike stock. unfortunately not water proof, I dropped em in my teacup.

    great purchase to counterpoint the gaff deck, same stock.
  3. Summary

    I have always used bicycle for a deck to practice with and I would always ruin the cards in about a week. When I got these, I used them all the time, and still do. I have been using them for about three months, and they are one of my favorite decks to use
  4. Summary

    These are wonderful cards. They are absolutely better than standard bicycle cards. One thing I didn't like about them is that some cards are off centered on the back, but other than that these are great cards and I will recommend them to anyone.
  5. Summary

    Basically a performance coated version of the standard Bicycles. If you like the classic and well-known look of Bicycles but you want slicker handling and a longer life span then these are for you.
  6. Summary

    I think these are the best cards I've ever handled if you want a deck with the same quality but with a cool design check out the white ghost deck these are the best cards ever they last SOOOOO long!!! Thank you Ellusionist for making such an awesome deck
  7. Summary

    They look like a normal bicycle standard but are a true step up. The magic finish/performance coating feels great for all flourishes and tricks! The ace of spades also tops the last one!
  8. Summary

    I didn't think this deck would be that good, but I was wrong. This is a great deck to practice with, and it's the only way that you can sneak a deck made specifically for magic into a performance because its got the same design as a regular Bicycle deck. I would recommend you get it in the 3 deck sample pack for free.
  9. Summary

    Very nice deck. Its a nice step up from your normal bicycle standard. It also lasts a lot longer. Great deck!
  10. Summary

    I got these cards as a promotion by buying three decks, but by far these cards completely exceeded my expectations.

    Cards are smooth, with a great thick stock, and handles extremely well, as well as any other performance decks, but cheaper.

    Amazing for the price.