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Printed to true Bicycle design, Masters are manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company to demanding Ellusionist specifications.

The deck features a loyal American Eagle Ace of Spades, big amp'd up box and cards built of tough stock with smooth finish.

Available in red and blue. Go American. OWN IT.


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  1. Summary

    These cards are the best! I love the ace of spades! These handle even better than the regular bicycle playing cards.
  2. Summary

    performance bikes, smooth and silky compared to regular bike stock. unfortunately not water proof, I dropped em in my teacup.

    great purchase to counterpoint the gaff deck, same stock.
  3. Summary

    I have always used bicycle for a deck to practice with and I would always ruin the cards in about a week. When I got these, I used them all the time, and still do. I have been using them for about three months, and they are one of my favorite decks to use