Bicycle Masters Edition Playing Cards - Blue

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Printed to true Bicycle design, Masters are manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company to demanding Ellusionist specifications.

The deck features a loyal American Eagle Ace of Spades, big amp'd up box and cards built of tough stock with slick finish.

Available in red, white and blue. Go American today. OWN IT.


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  1. perfect for beginners

    a really nice deck, but it looks like an orignal biycle deck.

    jace merritt
  2. I think these are longest lasting cards on the market

    I got my first masters I think 4 months ago and im still useing them! They still fan great and they still spread perfect. And they look like normal bike so when you perform no one will think they gimmicked or gaffed. These cards are great, I strongly recomend these.
  3. Durable excellent finish

    The deck is great it feels great and spreads perfectly. They last through anything I've dropped mine in water, dirt, and almost anything else you can think of and these cards still feel great.