Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle Playing Cards

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Used by millions, and now by you.

Bicycle Brand playing cards have been the standard deck of choice for magicians all over the world. The back design of these cards are widely recognizable, by magicians and laypeople. The USPC Bicycle Rider Deck has been used by millions.

Note: These are Poker Sized Decks.

For card magic this is by far one of the best choices you can make. Unless you want to take a walk on the wild side and try Ellusionist's own Black Tiger Deck, Bicycle Ghost Deck, Masters Edition Deck, Tally-Ho Viper Deck or our Vintage 1800 Red Deck or Vintage 1800 Blue Deck

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  1. Summary

    Clean and smooth nothing else to say. Everyone should at least get a few of those Decks :)
  2. Summary

    Classic, fun, and incredibly well-known. Great for the price however other decks may be worth a few extra bucks for the extended use that you get out of them.
  3. Summary

    If you don't like these Bicycle playing cards, you will not like any of their deck of cards. This deck is simply the best classic playing cards in the market. The stock, color, design, look, feel, and handling is great. The price of them can not be beat either. For a great deck, $3.50 is an awesome price. Being a magician, I can not live without a deck of cards, so I choose the rider back to please my needs. Even if you do not do magic tricks, this is a great deck to sit down at the card table to play some poker or just to have fun. I love this deck to the fullest just like the other ones I have purchased from E. The only problem I give is NOTHING!!