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In Collaboration with Lost Art Magic, this is Big Brother by Brian Connor.

George Orwell warned us about the dangers of empowering robots... but Brian's done it anyway.

In Big Brother the spectator selects a card from the deck. A completely free choice.

You then ask the internal robot in your phone to name a playing card. "The 4 of Hearts" it says.

The selection is turned over and BAM, it's the 4 of Hearts. Your audience goes BONKERS.

**Gasps** / **Screams** / **Running away briefly only to come back to ask you how it's done**

Was there ever any doubt? You're a magician after all, even the way you breathe is incredible.

- No custom magic app.
- Uses the genuine Google Assistant.
- Can be performed signed. It's pointless and adds nothing to the effect... but it can be.
- Android and iPhone compatible.

Don't worry iPhone users, you can break-up with Siri and use the official Google Assistant too. FREE.

Brian teaches you how to train it to do what you want. Like a tamagotchi that you never need to feed... and that does magic.

He runs through everything in incredible detail, but the crazy 'phone-istry' spins are not taught. Big Brother is more than enough to impress your audience already. Without busting out those moves.

Learn 'Big Brother' TODAY.

"... Brian" - Spidey

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  1. Alec

    I really like this product. I was a little iffy about it because a lot of people complained about the set up and memorization. We're willing to stack a deck every time we perform a certain trick, so it shouldn't be a problem to set up this trick for a little bit. After that, you're all set. The memorization wasn't a big deal after I spent so much time setting up the trick. I can't wait to use this.
  2. Shane

    I love the concept of this however what he doesn’t tell you is that google assistant is very picky about how you say things. I can say “picked” and it will type out “Pitts”. I can say “card” very plainly and it will think I said “car”. So to program all possible things that google assistant could possibly think you said for 52 cards is too much of a task. They should pay me to do that, not vice versa. I do use this however I use it as a one card prediction. So that way I only have to type out all possible things google assistant thinks I said for one card. Not 52.
  3. Luuk

    To all people who live in a country where English isn't the first language: don't buy this because you can't use it! As far as I know this only works in French, German, Japanese, Italian and Spanish.
    I did a lot of research and it just isn't possible.
    Be aware of this when you purchase this!! Just wasted 20 dollars
  4. Dylan

    This product is amazing. Yes, the only downside involves the one time set up, but there are quite a few tricks that involve a one time set up, such as Phantom by Spidey, there's Prophet and Flap cards. These are one time set up tricks, the difference is, Big Brother is saved to an account, so once your phone is trashed, you still have what you put it.

    What you learn, is three tricks you can easily combine into one routine, granted you have enough patience to set up all three. What you receive, having properly learned what to do, is a new utility device.

    Brian gives diagrams of the set up, and different variants to suit your choice. It is even said that you can customize to your tastes, however you see fit. While it would be nice for him to show the process more than twice, it is enough for you to fully grasp the concept of the set up.

    Unlike what MagicWay has said, this trick IS iOS FRIENDLY. This trick uses Google Assistant, which you can easily download onto iOS.

    All-in-all I believe this trick is worth the 5 stars I'm giving it, if you have the kind of mind to have some fun with it. Remember, AI such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, have fun personalities when you ask the right question, play into it!
  5. Summary

    I'm not sure what problems some other reviewers have experienced. This trick is fantastic. Contrary to what another reviewer said, Brian DOES explain the part for having it name a spectator--all 52 cards. He merely shows one as an example when setting it up, but he makes clear before that how every card should work. And disabling notifications is part of how your phone works and should not undo any work, so not sure what happened there. I felt all the explanations were clear, so any issues are due to human error, in my opinion. Does it take a long time to set up? Yes. Is it worth it? Definitely. Once it's done, it's done for good and you have a freaking miracle in your pocket.
  6. Andrew

    Just purchased this yesterday. Love it! These days, people are constantly having the conversation ... “I was talking about cat food the other day and ads started popping up on my phone...” it is a gold mine of a plot! It takes some set up and memory work. But do not let that stop you! So worth it. To the reviewer above that was complaining about it being buggy. I had a very similar experience today and Brian and Team E were awesome, there is a common issue with how you do the set up that could be causing your issues. Contact Brian at Lost Art and he will tell you the fix and your 20$ will be worth it again!!
  7. Darrel

    Love, Love, Love this trick....well at least the first part! The explanation is great...well at least the first part. There’s a great deal of memorization and a loooooong one-time only set up. Now for the problems. First, his explanation of how to turn off notifications is faulty at best. When I attempted to turn them off, it basically deleted ALLLLLL the work I’d already put in! Second and BIGEST issue...for the seond part of the trick (the killer part) he only explains how to program the name component for ONE CARD! He doesn’t explain how to code the other 51! It left me to come up with my own way and for some of the cards it doesn’t seem to work. Would love to redo this review if I’m wrong about the programming portion. HELP. LIke I said, I love, love, love this trick!
  8. lonnie

    I decided to pick this up mainly because of the promo video. And to be honest. You can do exactly what is described and shown in that promo. I can see this being used by me a lot. This is my kind of magic. ( even as an iPhone user )
    There is a down side to this though. If I can call it that. In order to achieve the effect, you’ll have to do the set up. Which is time consuming. There is no way around this. But once set up, you’ll be good to go. For $20, I believe it to be just a little over priced. But..... if you take into account the amount of time that was spent honing this down in order to get it into production, then I technically didn’t mind paying 20$. It’s a keeper in my opinion. Howeve. My reason for giving it 4 stars instead of 5, is because I would be a little happier if the purchase came with a M***** De**. Lol. Only a little happier. Outside of the set up, I have no complaints. And it’s really not a complaint. Well don’t Brian.
  9. Summary

    The idea is a good concept but still buggy, not able to sync on phone so it was a waste of $. No instructions given if it doesn't work and no clues given on how to fix problem. Not IOS friendly:(
  10. Weecho

    This effect is actually very good, a little bit of work to get it down, but well worth it, will be using Google a lot more often.