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Branden Wolf is not someone you want to leave alone with your spare change. Don’t get us wrong - it’ll all still be there when you get back, it’ll just never be the same.

Bison is a combination of two distinct coin bends that happen at the fingertips, without cover.

Bison One starts with a borrowed quarter held at the fingertips, showing both hands otherwise empty. The coin is brought within inches of the face of the spectator as the thumb and forefinger of both hands bend the coin, as if it were made of rubber.

Bison Two takes the coin bend a step further. A spectator places a single quarter in the outstretched hand of the magician. The hand is turned over with the quarter just pinched at its outmost edge by the fingertips. The coin begins to wave back and forth - and as it slows, a very deliberate bend can be seen. The coin has bent at the fingertips of just one hand.

Bison is our way of introducing you to Branden Wolf, a spectacular sleight-of-hand artist who you’ll be seeing more of in 2014, when we release his feature length project. Until then - satisfy that craving for clean, direct magic with Bison.

Difficulty: Beginner
Runtime: 16 Minutes
Format: Download

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  1. Summary

    It's a great coin bend. I gotta say, after purchasing the download, I figured out the trick just before watching it and the video verified what I thought.

    What makes this download great though are the details in how to pull off the tricks better. Sure, you could do the "I have super strength, watch me bend this coin that no one else can" routine... Or you could take it a step further and make it look more like magic and not just some trick.
  2. Summary

    Without a doubt a very impressive and easy trick to perform. I performed this to my friends at school, I'm a sophomore in high school, and my friends flipped out. They were trying to figure out how I bent it but couldn't because bison 1 is so clean and visual. Also they tried to bend it back and couldn't so they believed I had a lot of strength, which I agreed with. I really recommend this trick and if this gets you into coin magic I also recommend Branden Wolf's other project here on ellusionist. There's a lot of information there to last you a while to learn and perfect it. If you do not have this, do yourself a favor and add this to your cart right now because you are missing out on a lot. Very great trick!!
  3. Summary

    Great video. I created my gimmick and was up and running with Bison 1 right away. Grandchildren have new respect for Poppa Powers. Can't wait to work up to Bison II - just a bit of practice now.
  4. Summary

    This is incredible the video shows a great bend that takes little practice and looks incredible to the spectator and provided an amazing souvenir for the spectator
  5. Summary

    Great effect highly recommended pretty easy to get and i have gotten amazing reactions.
  6. Summary

    Great bend, Branden explains it very well its just a pity it cant be done with a signed coin. But as it takes very little set up and can be done at almost any time (you can keep the set up part in a pocket very easily) it is worth its cost tenfold
  7. Summary

    This is one of the best no-gimmick coin bend I have ever bought or seen. If you are looking to freak out your audience with some mentalism, this is the trick.
  8. Summary

    Realy easy move,great impact add to cart now
  9. Summary

    The method is really simple and really clever but I was disappointed. Both Bisons are knacky and you need longer fingers to do it comfortably. Would've liked a bit more indepth explanation, but regardless a cool coin bend
  10. Summary

    Absolutely perfect coin bend. The whole thing is just awesome and well constructed with the moves and process, and I couldn't recommend another bend move at the moment. Even if the two handed bison doesn't intrigue you, the one handed bison is worth the price alone. It takes a little bit if practice, but God bless Brandon for putting it out there because it's amazing. Buy The Bison Bend! Even if you don't like coin magic, use it to pick up a woman. All love and cards AND bent coins, adios.