Black Club Collectors Box

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Black Club Collectors Box
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The box allows you to store up to 15 of your favorite decks in style when placed vertically, or 8 decks in display position (over two layers) - held in place by the inner lip of the box, granting access to the bottom of the decks for easy removal.

The box does not come with any decks inside, so head on over to our Playing Cards section to load up on your favorites.

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  1. Summary

    This box is just brilliant, love the logo and a great compartment to keep your decks sorted.
  2. Summary

    I love this thing. Such a nice looking box, and keeps things organized instead of having all of your packs scattered around the house making your girlfriend angry. Very stylish, practical, conversation starting, and well worth the money.
  3. Summary

    Theses boxes are gorgeous and so cheap for what they are really worth!
    i got my third one last week and it looks amazing in my collection, so happy to have them :D
    plus they are quite durable!
  4. Summary

    Free with BC Membership and a great place to store decks, it is somewhat padded and looks professional. Not usable as a case to bring around with you, but great for storage at home.
  5. Summary

    All in all, a very professional way to store or display your collection! I recommend getting a few if you want to segregate your cards into types or groups. If you collect cards it's well worth the investment!
  6. Summary

    Highly recommend this if you want a great and elegant and safe place to store 12 decks.
  7. Summary

    Great for anyone with a card collection. Gives it an added "flair" for display and looks great!
  8. Summary

    Impeccable in quality, this sturdy box adds a very nice touch of elegance to any card display, and at $20 it's a steal!
  9. Summary

    A luxurious box to keep treasured decks inside of! Very nicely made inside and out, a real bargain at only $19. Another good reason to join The Black Club!