Black Revolvers

Black Revolvers
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The last few decks in existence.

I am Daniel Madison. These are the Black Revolvers

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  1. Summary

    This deck is, awesome! Great look, great feel. And there's some great extras with the deck. If it every comes back in stock, grab as many as you can.
  2. Summary

    So glad I grabbed a few of these decks when they were made available! These cards are absolutely fabulous. Stock and finish are so buttery smooth right out of the tuck case. Love the custom court cards. Love the unorthodox nature of having the Ace of Diamonds with the custom face as opposed to the Ace of Spades. The Ace/King of Diamonds double facer, along with the double backer are nice additions to this deck as well. Great work as usual!
  3. Summary

    This is one of my first few Madison decks and I'm simply blown away by practically everything about it. The design is beautiful, the stock and finish are likewise wonderful, and the slight rarity of these decks definitely makes it stand out in a collection.