Rounders Playing Cards by Madison - Black

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A Note from Daniel Madison
I have tested over 50 different stocks and finishes to find and create my perfect deck of playing cards.

With both conscious and subconscious influences from the casino industry as well as my own visceral world I believe that I found something in the Rounders that represents who I am and what I stand for.

I have always thought that everything beautiful is either intricate or simple, and I am drawn to the latter, especially in design.

I have stayed true to that idea through every stage of the design and production of the Madison Rounders.

I wanted to create a deck of cards that somehow reflected my style and ideals through simplicity. The Madison Rounders are beautifully minimal in design, they are bold and strong with only three colors used throughout. They host an Ace of Spades fit for any casino.

With help from Jeff Lianza, Peter Mckinnon, the Ellusionist team and my closest friends, I am proud to present the Madison Rounders.

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  1. javier

    LOVE this cards. Pure simplicity. Cards stripped out anything superfluous and any unwanted distraction. I almost feel emotional when carrying them, knowing there is something in my hands that stand for art of card magic in its purest and most fundamental form.
    If Steve Jobs carried a deck of cards.. this would be it. Thank you Daniel.
  2. Summary

    The cards are nice in every way that’s already been mentioned, but the Included double backer is useless. One side is as black as the rest of the deck, but the reverse isn’t. It looks like it’s faded, or a dark gray. It stood out to me and I’m partially color blind. I could buy another deck and cross my fingers, but should I have to do that?
  3. Summary

    amazing playing cards
    WOW handling and design
  4. Paul

    By far my favorite deck. I can't wait to see what else Daniel Madison and ellusionist have for us in the future
  5. Summary

    Personally, this is one of the best decks of cards that I have encountered with have to say Daniel great job!!!
    It would be nice if the cards would be less slippery in your hand and have a better grip on them.
    But it is still a must buy.
  6. Summary

    This deck is super nice. Feels really great in the hands, very nice back and fronts.
  7. Summary

    I didn’t quite believe the hype about DM’s products... until I bought the Rounders. Amazing design, cut, finish, handling, etc. Best deck of cards I’ve bought so far. Definitely worth the money.
  8. Summary

    Simplicity, elegance, and an authentic playing card feel. These will fly by any spectator as your usual deck of boutique playing cards. I'm happy that the double backer was included so I didn't have to make my own. The jokers in this deck are very Edgar Allen Poe feeling, but they are such an amazing touch on the overall aesthetic of the deck.

    I've wanted them for a very long time and just decided to take the plunge. Do yourself a favor and own at least a couple of these decks as their presence seems timeless and their card stock is exceptional.

    HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended!
  9. Summary

    At first when I ordered this deck I wasn't sure if I would like the design or the feel of it but this deck blew me away with everything about it, I love the simplicity of the back design and the box. Overall the cards look very professional, and it is a lot smother than I thought It would be. The one problem I have with it is that the cushioning wears down quickly and are sort of sticky when you first open the cards, but none of these effect how they preform just how they feel.
  10. Summary

    My favorite deck of cards: handling, cut, design. BUT there is one issue: the back on many cards is misaligned. Some of them are off centered so bad, the back picture is rotated like 10 degrees relative to paper.