Workers Black Sponge Balls

Workers Black Sponge Balls

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When we first explored the idea of carrying sponge balls our first requirement was, as it always is - they have to be cool. We've all seen those bright red sponge balls. Anytime a magician pulls one or more of them out, you immediately think of one thing.

Clown noses.

Instead of looking like a cold-blooded clown killer, we knew we had to have something that looked edgy or classy. It was right there in front of us. A color we fully embrace here at Ellusionist. Black. A Black that truly 'pops' and makes sponge balls cool.

Now that we knew how to make them look good, they had to feel good too. They had to be squishy enough to hide with a palm, pinch or in multiples, but also really tough. A professionally made piece of equipment that would last the test of time, they had to be right for REAL WORKERS.

When it comes to quality Sponge balls there is only one name that springs to mind. Goshman.
Goshman produces the best sponge balls out there, but could they live up to our demanding criteria?

In a pinch, YES. There's simply no comparison. Using a new formula Goshman created a set of Black Sponge Balls that not only look amazing but are so durable, you can park your car on them for the night and the sponge ball will still pop right back into shape.

THAT is a tough sponge ball.

Designed with Workers in mind - these are the last set of Sponge balls you'll ever need. Pick up a set of 4 today.

Customer Reviews

  • by Scott Medine

    Sep 2016

    These.sponge balls rock in all the right ways. I have performed sponge ball routines before but I was never a fan of them as they seem childish. But the edgy black color elevates them to an adult level and when combined with street magic they just really pop. The feel of the Workers Black Sponge Balls is different from the usual balls I have used. They are soft and they have an equally soft texture not like the rough and grainy texture of some sponge balls. Their ability to rocket back into shape and their ability to hold their shape are major pluses in my book. Even if you do not perform sponge ball routines, do yourself a favor and pick up some of these and add them to your repertoire. The only downside is I had to buy a close up mat of a different color to replace the black one I have been using.

  • by Gary Watkins

    Aug 2015

    They're your stereo typical sponge balls but with the one exception of being black. That alone adds that little something extra to the sponge ball routine alot of people have seen before. They expect red or blue but not black. Worth it for that alone.

  • by Jason Binkley

    Jan 2015

    I do a good amount of sponge ball work in various settings, from indoor parties to busking outdoors. First of all, sponge balls are a great crowd pleaser, despite some of the stigma that they are only for children. Presentation is key, and adults, just as children, tend to be puzzled and amused by sponge balls they can't quite keep their hands on. Anyway, on to the Worker's Sponge Balls. The black color is quite a bit edgier and I have used black and red Goshman balls for years, so if you're familiar with Goshman black, these are along the same lines. Unlike the Goshman Super Soft, though, these balls are very firm and have a very different consistency than the Super Soft. SS balls, when soaked in water, enlarge to a rather enormous size until dry. These barely increase in size. The texture of the E sponge balls is much "tighter" with the sponge material packed closer together. Super soft SBs have a much "grainier" or a wider kind of texture. There are some benefits to the Ellusionist Goshman balls, such as their durability and substantial hand feel, but the super soft compress down to almost nothing, so depending on what effects you choose to do, one may be superior to the other. I love practicing with the E Goshman balls, as I find that if I can conceal the firmer balls, it's easier to conceal the super soft on the street when surrounded. The "bounce back" of the E balls is superior, because, as stated earlier, they hold their shape in all conditions. I like them very much, but they won't take the place of my super softs anytime soon.