Blackmail by Bobby Motta and Peter McKinnon

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Bobby Motta is a full time working mentalist. He chooses his effects because they work... his living depends on it. Bobby is the tough guy you have seen in the Red Artifice trailer, shot by Peter McKinnon who is also a contributor to Blackmail.

Blackmail is a UTILITY that allows you to predict ANYTHING. Don't switch anything, don't use duplicates and don't bother with a "get ready". The envelope is in full view at all times.

Easily predict cards, numbers, images and drawings. Starts clean, ends clean.

Peter McKinnon and Bobby Motta have thrown out the rule book, meaning you can now predict anything - a thought-of card, a name, a number - even a drawing - all with your prediction sealed inside an envelope - before you even ask the spectator to think of it.

Whether you're new to mentalism, or a mind-reading expert, Blackmail is a fantastic utility device that will amplify your performances. It's powerful, easy to use and versitile. What more can you ask? ~Eric Jones

Customer Reviews

  • by Mark Yoo

    May 2012

    Gimmicks are custom made and high quality. Good to use whatever prediction routine you uses. DVD teaches you few good routines, but there are plenty more routines that you can add it into.

  • by Chris Golden

    May 2012

    As a newer mage-in-training, I cannot recommend this effect enough! It can be performed by a newbie (like myself) and the training included is perfect. Talk about BAM factor, this one has it! My wife went on tilt when I performed for her and THAT is what I am talking about!! Bobby and Peter, you have a big fan in Seattle, lunch on me anytime you get here! :o)

  • by Albert

    May 2012

    This trick is a MUST GET for all magicians. In the few days I have had this trick, this has become one of my most performed, if not singularly primary trick.

    The technique is simply brilliant, and the DVD explains it quite thoroughly.

    Overall, this trick is one that blows spectators' minds and will quickly become a top seller. Good job Bobby and Peter!