Blackout Shifts by Daniel Madison

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It's time to introduce you to MOVES Singles ... bitesize chunks of the incredible MOVES project by Daniel Madison that features handpicked principles, sleights and utilities so your magic purchases can be tailor-made to your style.

There may be some items on MOVES that you didn't want to learn. This enables you to grab a taste of EXACTLY what you've been missing.

Session 1 : The Blackout Shifts

// Blackout Shift 1
This techniques allows you to secretly cut / shift the deck whilst apparently inspecting the edges.

// Blackout Shift 2
A development of Blackout Shift 1 that allows you to secretly cut / shift the deck whilst apparently squaring it up on the table.

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Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Intermediate
Duration: 9 Minutes
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    So I bought this because when I first saw it I wanted to know what black magic voodoo I had just seen! Watching the video was very informative. There was one part I was having trouble with, in the first black out shift. This is the only spot where the explanation was a bit lacking. Just couldn't get my fingers to do what he did. But other than that, it is well worth the price! Must have to impress friends and family.