Bleed by Perseus Arkomanis

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The Greek God, Perseus Arkomanis is back.

Bleed lets you personify playing cards and shock your audience with a demonstration of how pain can change things.

The spectator selects a card, and loses it into the deck. The magician finds a similar card, but it's not quite right.

A sharp stab through the heart, and the card starts to visually trickle blood.

When it's turned around, the extra pip has bled-away, changing it violently into the spectator's chosen card.

From the man who brought you the best-selling effects Weak and Greek Switch, Perseus kills without remorse to breathe new life into your card magic.

Download BLEED today.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
Duration: 25 Minutes

Customer Reviews

  • by John

    Jan 2018

    Pure genius. My son watched the video with me, and later presented it to his Gr. 2 class-dominated the class for the rest of the day. AND I managed to get many, many well paying gigs later-worth it!

  • by Jason Duhamel

    Feb 2016

    Great idea but it takes way too much effort to make just one gimmick to only perform it once and have to make another one. Great effect but I don't see myself performing this very much. Thankfully the price was only $10

  • by Alex Whitwell

    Dec 2015

    This is an incredible trick. The gimmick, along with everything else, is explained in great detail. I would strongly recommend this to everyone.