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  1. Summary

    The cards are amazing I bought 3 and fell in love with it!!
    It just too good and nice back design but the bad things is sold out in less than a week or 5 days!! PLEASE print out more!!!
  2. Summary

    In Norway a completely normal Red/Blue Bicycle deck of cards costs: $15.84. We are used to paying almost double the price for your "run-of-the-mill"-cards. These decks, at THAT price is a bargain. Hooray! 10/10.
  3. Summary

    i love everything about this card, cant say more
  4. Summary

    The cards are not cut properly, which is sloppy on Ellusionists part. This is the second time that this has happened. The red version of the Madison Dealers with the borders were also not cut properly. Other than that the cards have a good finish to them and handle well, its just sad that they still sold these unevenly cut cards.
  5. Summary


    Great Job E
  6. Summary

    This deck has potential. The box itself is excellent.The cards handle nicely but Im disappointed that the cards are cut unevenly. Most of the white borders are much larger than the rest and it stands out
  7. Summary

    Not the biggest fan of the feel of the King decks, but the box design is some of the best looking out there - in terms of simplicity, yet boldness.
  8. Summary

    The cards themselves are top quality.
    I was kind of disappointed however that the cards got bent while shipping or being printed. Opened the pack and the cards were already warped. I am even more disappointed that I paid good money for shipping and was poor quality.
    Cards fan nice, and faro shuffle themselves.
    I bought these cards as a collector and a fan of the other decks I have gotten. I might just order their cards from Amazon from now on.
  9. Summary

    Outstanding design smooth handling very unique deck for anyone
  10. Summary

    I honestly just checked the mail an I am very happy I ordered a deck as well as a couple other small objects but I am very proud to put the blood kings deck in my collection I will be ordering more so I can damage more cards for magic effects a must have in my books I haven't even purchased any of the other kings collection but will be now I see how well designed these cards really are the sword an axe cards are very visual for transpo effects I noticed that the blood kings is in the razor clip video now I also have to order a razor clip for my blood kings as well as a clip for any random deck sorry about the story just being honest an the blood kings will make you live like a king an die like a king if you use them properly even just to play a game of cards very unique deck *****