Blossoming Friendship by Daniel Chard

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The 'Chardshark' lurking in the depths, just surfaced with a flash production that's KILLER.

The spectator cuts the deck and chooses a random card. It's never seen and lies untouched in front of them.

Nothing sneaky is going on here... or is there?

A joker misdirects while 3 kings VISUALLY burst out of the deck, in search of their lost friend. Like a blossoming flower on steroids!

The spectators selection is turned over and unbelievably it's the missing King.

This is a fast and stunning routine you will always use.

Download today.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate
Duration: 5 Minutes

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    Fantastic trick, very well explained and it is something which you can get hold of very quickly but will take time to master. Recommend it for any upcoming card magician like my self and for any expert as there is plenty of room for innovation.