The Bold Project - Volume 1 by Justin Miller

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Bold. Methods.

Effects that shouldn’t work - but do. The routines on this DVD will show you just how much you can get away with as a magician.

Justin teaches you how to incorporate the crucial parts of the routine into everyday gestures, offbeat moments - and even having spectators do the ‘dirty work’ for you. From the seemingly brave to out-right-gutsy, Justin shows just what performing ‘Bold’ magic can do for you.

Bold. Presentations.

By breaking every rule we know regarding performing, Justin shows that magicians are completely WRONG about how spectators should react, and how much you can ‘get away with’ by mirroring the energy of your audience.

His presentations challenge the perceptions of both spectators and magicians, taking classic plots and turning them upside down, with moves and changes that appear to break the laws of physics, using everyday impromptu objects.

Bold. Reactions.

Bold is about real people with real reactions, getting the most out of your audience, and understanding that every person reacts differently. Bold is about bringing out what Justin calls the ‘I gotta go to Church NOW’ reactions.

Effects that have a visible psychological effect on the face of the spectators as the brain seems to ‘break’ and recover, and then break again, as it tries to process what has just happened.

On the DVD

Bloodlink A indentation made with a ring in one hand moves across to link on the palm of the other hand. This goes beyond card tricks. This is an effect that steps you out of your comfort zone straight away.

Card to Shoe The performance alone is a masterclass on audience management. Justin doing what he does best. This is the trick Justin ends every card set with, a signed card disappears from the deck and appears, cleanly, impossibly, in your shoe.

Descent A torn and restored card that comes from nowhere. A signed card is cleanly torn into four separate segments. With a wave over the pieces, the card has instantly and visibly restored. The fastest T’n’R you’ll ever see.

8 Card Transpo An Oil and Water routine like you’ve never seen. A packet of four Kings are clearly alternated with a packet of four sevens, to create a mixed packet of 8 cards. When turned over, the packets have instantly separated again. The kicker on this effect comes when the packets visually change in the blink of an eye.
Torn Abroad
A fun torn and restored bill routine built around the classic ‘sawing a lady in half’. A borrowed and signed bill is placed into a folded card before being torn in half. Both halves are shown to contain half the bill, before they are brought back together, and cleanly restored -signature and all.

Riven A torn and restored rubber band that pieces itself back together on their outstretched hand. The concept behind this method has multiple applications, and this is just one Justin came up with as a startling piece of magic that happens ‘off the cuff’.

Drunken Monkey A flashy palm that can be used to change one card for another in the center of the deck, or used by itself as a series of card changes. This effect is a brilliant exploration of how a trick comes to be and how Justin’s creative process works through experimentation.

Cab 2.0 A complete turnaround of the classic collectors. This is an effect that shatters the understanding of even the most observant of spectators - it’s a beautiful routine for absolutely throwing magicians. Three chosen cards are ‘lost' in the deck, to be found by four kings. Cards that change into double backers, cards that disappear from the packet and blind alley after blind alley. This is an effect that will completely surprise.

Cave Control A truly deceptive control based on an idea from Harry Lorayne. A card is chosen from the center of the pack, placed back in the center by the spectator, and before the deck is squared - the card has been controlled to the top of the deck. Used as a card force or as a phase in an ambitious card routine, this is a deceptive an easy move you’ll be playing with for the fun of it.

With Bold you will learn:

• How to structure your magic so that you can roll and adapt to ANY situation.
Why Justin gets the best reactions to his magic - and how you can too.
• How to direct attention to where you want it - and more importantly - where you DON'T want it to be.
• Why you shouldn't perform to magicians - but how to break their minds if you do.
• How to gain full control of your audience by making them part of the show.
• The casual actions that hide the 'dirty work' right in front of the face of your spectator.
......And MUCH MORE.

Each carefully crafted effect on this DVD teaches more than simple mechanics. Audience management through scripting, timing, angles and psychology are all taught in context of each routine.

Bold teaches you to be the best magician that you can be - not for yourself, but because you owe it to your spectators. It’s the first step in getting you out the door and onto the streets with your magic.

Take your magic from guts to glory... with BOLD. Order today
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  1. Summary

    Where do I start? I mean Justin Miller is one of the best out there and when I bought this I only wanted Torn Abroad because it was sooo sick but then....then I saw the reactions I got with Bloodlink and BAM!!!!! Like a Mack truck smashing peoples brains into oblivion. I couldn't believe them myself, I was told I was 'el diablo' and that this is black magic.....I LOVED IT!!! People were convinced it was real, yet the methods are super simple and easy to learn. If you want to perform absolute miracles, Justin has the magic you need to really take your magic to a higher plane of consciousness, believe it! Kudos to Justin who never needs to coach audience members and claim hes Jesus, he just blows minds, period! Bravo Ellusionist for the great content, looking forward to part 2. Keep up the good work!!!
  2. Summary

    I like the card the shoe he teaches and I use it. I also use the blood circle trick from time to time really cool stuff
  3. Summary

    Great DVD. Anyone looking for more in their walk around performances than "pick a card" should pick this up. I immediately went out and performed Bloodlink, Riven, and the Cave Control. I feel that some of the teaching was a bit rushed, but slower learners can obviously just rewind. JM's Card to Shoe is so easy it's almost not fair.
  4. Summary

    This consists of a good variety of tricks all good for street performing. All routines are explained thoroughly and clearly. There is not much covering audience management etc, but it is worth getting if you like the look of some of the effects.
  5. Summary

    Kind of biased, as I really love just about everything I've ever seen from Justin Miller. It's really a nice mix of effects here too, and after getting Divorce the ring effect here seemed kinda tame at first, but it really grew on me. That one (bloodlink), the torn & restored, and card to shoe are my favorites here. A really exciting video that feels very fresh and intentionally gritty.
  6. Summary

    Justin is a master teacher. I really enjoy his explanations of the moves and the look into the minds of his spectators and how he processes performing.

    I'm glad they labeled this "project 1" because hopefully it lets us know that they will be going back in the later projects and revealing more detailed discussions about crowd handling. I was expecting a lot more on this DVD about this topic because of the trailer. But if they include it in the later projects then this will turn out to be one of the best series on Ellusionist because I think crowd handling is one of the most under-covered aspects in modern magic and it's one of the most sought after and most important when performing. I could have used a DVD with 3 tricks broken down over 3 hours and poured over and discussed by the Ellusionist team like you will find with the new Madison Gamblers DVD set.

    Definitely buy this if you want to expand your street repertoire. It would be a great series to explore after Kard Klub.
  7. Summary

    Justin is a great teacher and really enjoys magic. It is fun watching him perform and he is detailed in his teaching. The effects on this DVD are great and none of them take long to learn. Some of the tricks should be practiced a great deal before doing in front of an audience, but they are not super hard. I say get it, learn it, have fun blowing peoples minds.
  8. Summary

    I have never regretted purchasing anything from Justin Miller. His magic is insane. His torn and restored card effect is worth the entire dvd. I was very sketchy on the ring trick but audiences love it...don't understand why but they just do. BUY IT!
  9. Summary

    I was a very shy person, but not anymore .The Bold Project was the product I've been waiting for. This Project is simply Brilliant in every aspect, where all the tricks are simple and effective. My favorite is Card to Shoe, Cave Control and Riven. Justin manages to encourage me to take BOLD chances, which i do.
  10. Summary

    this project is worth every penny i highly recommend it, i dont go a day without using the tricks in this dvd