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Sharp knives, bending metal, mental extraction, spontaneous combustion, torched money; does it get any better? Nathan Kranzo finally releases his best kept secret effects in this 2-hour, packed DVD. Using everything from matches to cards, to money, to blades, these are his top tricks that pay the bills, baby. Nate sent a series of videos to us and we instantly fell in love with the magic in them. Everything he showed us was his personal best-kept secrets for his working repertoire. And now we know why they were so well guarded.

Fact List

• 8 ferocious effects and sleights taught by Nathan Kranzo.
• Perfect for beginners and advanced magicians.
• Simple but powerful tricks every magician should know.
• Over two hours long-- Download it or get the DVD (or both).
• Multiple performances on the streets...real footage captured in the moment.
• Multiple sections on the vital aspects of performances and tips for routining.
• Shatters the conventional wisdom that magic that puts money in your pocket has to be hard. Not true.

In The Box

Devils' Peek This is a real worker. No more crazy peek devices, impression pads or special pens. Just someone's thought. You have them write down ANYTHING and peek the information in the smoothest manner with NO gimmicks. No folds, tears or any of that whacky stuff.

Chi Break A powerful effect that happens "in their hands". A match that they choose from a pile of matches breaks in THEIR hands.

Easy Canasta This effect has become a sort of HOLY GRAIL over the last few years. A shuffled deck has three cards selected and placed in three different pockets by you and your spectator. You predict the EXACT CARDS in the EXACT pockets that you and your SPECTATOR placed them in. YOU NEVER GO NEAR THE SPECTATOR.

Spent A great visual quickie that can be performed with any borrowed pack of matches. You pull a match from a matchbook and squeeze it in your fist. It immediately starts to burn and SMOKE pours from your fist. Uses no chemicals or fancy gaffs. Match is shown burnt up and spent.

Spent Transpo This takes the same effect from SPENT above and puts it into THEIR hands. A match placed in their hand changes places with a burning match in YOUR hand. Great magic that happens in their own fist.

Voodoo Bill A strong piece of "in their hands" magic. A signed card FOLDS itself as if by Voodoo, then a borrowed bill begins to BURN inside the hand of a spectator. The burning energy transfers from the card to the bill in their hand. No one is harmed but they will be astonished.

There is no Spoon Building on other famous spoon benders like Uri Geller, Ben Harris, Banacheck and Richard Osterlind.....Kranzo takes spoon bending to a new level. A borrowed spoon slowly bends as it comes in contact with a spectator's hand. It continues to bend, and then bends some more. Finally the metal of the spoon becomes TWISTED while inside of their fist. The "hands off" phase Kranzo teaches here is worth the price of the DVD.

Stiletto Dangerous and sexy doesn't usually come in the form of a card effect. This one has it all. Any card can be selected. It can be signed by everyone in the room. The cards are fairly shuffled. A stilleto switch blade is produced. Asking them to concentrate on their card you STAB the knife into the deck! The knife sinks into the deck impaling the cards. A perfect cut that reveals the selected card.

BONUS: Credit Card Vanish The PERFECT opener for the bar or club...or anytime your just paying your tab. Any borrowed credit card or drivers license can be vanished BARE HANDED. Both hands are seen completely empty. This one will fool the $#!% out of you.

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  1. Summary

    Not to be confused with "mentalism" Nathan's tricks are "mental" meaning that they are CRAZY! Spoon bending and a deck stab. You get 8 solid effects for one low price - not to mention the Kranzilla is your teacher! Devil's Peek is worth the entire DVD. Get yours before they're gone
  2. Summary

    I absolutely love most of these effects in the dvd. Though a bit cumbersome to perform, the matchstick tricks are still ingenious. Nate has always been one of my favorites.
  3. Summary

    Plain awesomeness by one of the best magicians around the world! Get this DVD and no one is going to forget your performance to them!