Bortal by Jake Dapper

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The undiscovered portal in a rubber band.

Bortal is more than an effect
... it's a portal created within a rubber band. 

When we first saw this live, we were floored. It truly shredded what we thought was possible with a rubber band.  We knew we had to know the secret. 

This impromptu move is the definition of versatile, allowing you to add this technique to any of your favorite rubber band plots. Giving them an extra dose of impossibility that will annihilate your spectator. 

Jake Dapper will take you through his own personal routines he uses with Bortal, and his own personal touches on how to apply this method to your favorite plots. This is more than another download, this is a tool every magician needs in their back pocket. (Or around their wrist) 

Learn it now. 

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  1. George

    A little tough at first but totally worth it, after a couple of days i´m finally nailing the effect, i love that it can be done with a wristband since i always wear one. Really fun to do but it needs pretty elastic rubber bands, you won't be doing these with your regular office rubber bands.
  2. gilberto

    Absolutely fantastic. Easy to learn, very well explained. I was unsure about the right angle to hold the bands at the end of phase 1, but it works so well! It blows mind. The best 5$ I spent this week! Thank you Jake!
  3. Summary

    Usually these five dollar downloads are not worth it but this is a great trick. Took me a day to learn super fun super slick and just so perfect. That being said I'm a sucker for elastic band magic. So take that into account.