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Make cards move at will.

IMAGINE: The spectator selects two cards out of the deck-- there are no forces. With no funny moves, the cards are placed back in the center of the deck. The deck is then placed back into the box. The box is closed. Nothin' fancy. Yet.
With no false motions, the card box visibly opens itself and one card is seen to slowly, visibly rise up out of the deck. Your hand grips the card gently, then pulls it out of the deck. The card is slowly turned over-- done. You've nailed card number one.

The cards are then held in your hands. The spectators eyes are fixed on your hands like a hawk. You bring the cards down to the table and begin to spread the cards slowly from right to left.

One card begins to slowly move out of the spread, towards the spectator -- while on the table. You've never seen anything like this. And your spectators haven't either-- it's downright eerie.

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  1. Summary

    This effect is the best trick I've ever had that requires refills. There are several reasons why:

    1: The stuff you get will make somewhere between 10 and 20 gimmicks.

    2. The gimmicks last 50 or more performances.

    3. You CAN do this with a borrowed deck, though newer decks are better.

    4. You end clean with the deck examine-able and your hands clean (without ditches).

    5. One of the easiest card tricks ever.

    The five reasons above make the refills worth it: you will not have to buy many refills, and well, the trick is awesome.

    I admit that I HATE gimmicks, and prefer slight of hand.
    But this is an absolute jewel.
    Get it.
  2. Summary

    This takes the rising card trick to a new level. So simple I'm shocked it has not been done till now. Mr. Kranzo takes you through ever step and very clearly. Very nice so much so you can borrow the deck and still make this little miracle for anyone. I highly recommend this for any card worker of any level.
  3. Awesome but a few problems

    Tying the thread is difficult for me, they keep turning out too long and then they don't even work, I've made quite a few failed loops
  4. A trick for beginners that looks as if done by expert pros! A MUST KNOW.

    The trick itself is amazing and indeed the setup takes no more than 4 seconds and the clean up no more than 2. It can be done with a borrowed deck and it can be given for examination afterwards (both deck and cards). The instruction is extremely detailed with everything one needs to know and more (what to do in the off chance that something goes wrong etc.) The only negative aspect is the quality of sound, which unless I have a problem with my DVD player that I am not aware of, is terrible, but it does not affect your learning of the trick so it won't affect my review. 5 stars!
  5. is awsome!

    i can do it and everything the only thing is that the thread idk how long does it has to be so it can break and stuff but is really awsome
  6. Awesome..

    This dvd is amazing and provided exactly what i was looking for. a long term, easy, and effective "rising card trick" handling that finishes completely clean and is invisible. learning to make the gimmick is difficult, and there could definitely be some more advice on that, otherwise the dvd tells you everything you need to know.
  7. Dissapointing

    I got Box Monster, thinking it was going to be great, and the effect is, it's just every time I perform Box Monster, the thread snaps, and I end up having to say, 'Oh, it hasn't worked, sorry.'
  8. Great

    The trick is very eazy to do. The gimmick is incredible. The bad this is you can lose it or forget your even carring it with you. but other than that its is a incredible trick. I did it for some friends ad they were atanished.
  9. Great Effect with unlimited applications

    Easily mastered effect with superb instruction. I was dropping jaws the same day.
  10. This is truly amazing...

    I have been working with cards for a few months now, learning sleights and misdirection. This is the most versatile trick I have learned so far. The setup is ridiculously fast, the clean up is even faster and nobody suspects a thing. I showed this to my girlfriend, a girl who always stares me in the eyes and tells me how the tricks I do are done. She just stood there with a huge smile on her face yelling at me to tell her how it's done! This is amazing. You can use a borrowed deck and perform nearly surrounded. Im planning on showing my friends today. You have to get this, it's worth every penny and then-some. Thanks for this Nate!